Christian Dior Twlight Palette Xmas 08

Twilight Palette is one of the 2 released for the Christmas Dior Collection. This one is not LE, the other one is.

You know what gets on my nerves? When a SA doesn’t know what is LE or not.

Is this LE?

Yes it all is.

I go home and check and its not LE at ALL. I know I should do my research first but surely these girlies should check before they give me false information.

Here’s the palette:

It’s a very nice palette. The darkest shade works very well as a liner, the blues are gorgeous twlight shades and the greys are sophisticated:

Very pretty. Is it a must have? Nah. You can dupe these colours and they aren’t wowwwwwwweeeeeeeeee shades but they are really practical for a girl like me, who loves cool colours. You can do a full on smokey or a day smokey or a funkay blue look. It’s nicely versatile.

But it is absolutely not LE. Tut.

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