Christ Almighty: Make Up Maven on Golden Balls

So glad its Friday, so glad to be home and to have a rest. Love a bit of Golden Balls if I am home early enough – and what do I see?

Make up that took my breath away.

It took my breath away.

I love it. I love that she has her own sense of style even if its not…conventional. Screw conventionality. Screw blending. Screw highlighter.

I want to salute the woman and ask her to be my mate, as long as we don’t have to…

a. Go make-up shopping together or
b. Link arms as we walk



I’ll just remind you, its currently 2009.

eyeshadow bad.jpg


why? golden balls.jpg

Worship her with me!

p.s. She didn’t win, she got kicked out on the second round. I would have taken her through, she did seem trustworthy – thats if its possible to measure someones integrity based on eyeshadow application.

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  1. Hahahaha still can’t believe my eyes!! Ö lol,good show ffs :) xx

  2. GrumpyTart says:

    Sorry, you’ll have to worship her alone! Each to their own and all that but that’s definitely not for me :)

    Question is…..did she win?

  3. LOL I was watching the show as well and everytime she came on the screen I had to look twice! That is one gutsy lady! At least she followed the rule of dramatic eyes and neutral lips! =P

  4. I like a woman who takes the ‘mash palms into 80’s eyeshadow and rub over entire eye’ approach to make up.

  5. haha, I watched this today actually whilst I was at work as nothing else was on! When I saw her face I was actually shocked, although i must admit she was brave going on TV looking like how she did. But did you noticed her fringe? It looked like she was blown away by the wind o-o.
    Did you know if the two women at the end splitted or shared the cash ?
    I switched over to neighbours and missed it lol.

  6. My God, she’s BEAUTIFUL! Those earrings! That eye-makeup! She’s like a modern incarnation of Catra, or Bastet; I don’t know whether to worship her as a goddess, or just watch her like a mindless Saturday-morning cartoon.

  7. I’m happy to see middle-aged women using strong makeup. (don’t kill me coz of calling her middle-aged! she looks old for me)

    But, please! Don’t pull the dark (and mono) eyeshadow up to the unplucked brows!!!!! That’s against sanity! @_@

  8. I’m gonna go for this look when I hit my 40’s…