Chocolate on your mug – Raw Gaia Chocolate Face Pack

I’m a chocolate girl. Jelly babies are too sweet and Boiled sweets are mud to me. Chocolate. Lovely chocolate is the best.

Not that I necessarily crave all the fancy stuff – its a bit rich. Give me some lovely animal fat laden British chocolate…yummmm.

But do I want chocolate on my face? Hey, why not! I found this Raw Gaia Chocolate mask, which comes in a powder form (£9.50 – 50gm)

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The ingredients are pretty simple (which is good).

Raw Chocolate Powder – highly anti-oxidant (there are 25,200 anti-oxidants in one spoonful of chocolate powder)

Sun Dried Red Clay – High in trce elements and minerals

Organic Tumeric – Traditionally used for pigmentations and spots (this is also in my beloved Neals Yard Frankincense range)

Amia Fruit Powder – Indian Gooseberry high in vitamin C and good for skin tone.

But none of this means anything if the mask is no good, right?

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Yah it looks like drinking chocolate. Yes I licked it. It has clay in it so clearly this is not for eating but it tasted ok – I mean in a famine or a nuclear situation I would eat this without complaint.

So as with all powder masks, you have to mix it with some water and leave on for 5-10 minutes, then wash off.

I used about 2 tablespoons for my face cos I like my masks thick and at first it was a little tricky to mix up. Add powder to liquid and use a little tub, not in your palms like me, cos then half of it ends up down the sink.

It smells like Terry’s Chocolate orange. Very orangey, very strong with a spicy tang. Like posh chocolate.

Once applied, it was tingly but not uncomfortable. I am terrified of new face masks because if I react badly to anything, its face masks. I can count the ones I can use on my hand.

So it tingles and it also dries very quickly so not too much messing about.

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As soon as the other half saw me he began to sniff like a horny tom cat…”You smell nice.” Chocolate it seems, Terry’s Chocolate orange smeared over your face is the way to go, not Chanel No. 5.


I was a bit worried when it tingled but I didn’t have any nasty allergies to this product.

And I liked it a lot! My skin looked clearer and fresher and there was a slight exfoliating quality to the mask. Don’t be afraid of using a powder mask, it just a bit messier than a normal one and the benefits of the chocolate being ‘raw’ is that its higher in antioxidants.

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The cats are looking at me like they want to lick my face (I have it on again now)….so I’ll say this mask is RECOMMENDED and do a runner from the cats. £9.50 from here.

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