Chit Chat: Captcha, Kitty Cats, Weddings

So after an extremely stressful week and 48 continuous hours of house moving with no sleep (well, ok I got some sleep, Mr C did not) we finally, somehow moved into a new pad! it will take a little while to get settled as the very boring job of getting settled in begins. I don’t know about you but it takes me months to unpack all my boxes!

Cat House

Meanwhile, whilst we get our bearings I will try to do some posts but I have no Wi-Fi and really crap 3G coverage until the end of the week – boo hiss. It is so annoying not being able to pop on to the internet and do some jobs especially with a wedding to plan for…

Also there is a captcha on the blog at the moment. This is because I had some none stop spam comment attack going on last week so this is unfortunately, a necessary evil until we an sort out the spam filters. I still appreciate blog comments of course, they keep me going :) 

What else? My wedding is weeks away and there is NO sign of a wedding dress (I ordered it online) so I don’t even know if it will fit! ARGH! 

Have a fab week ladies and gents x 

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  1. Jen says

    Hope you both get settled in soon, I lived with boxes in every room for a couple of months before managing to find new homes for everything! I kinda missed having to sideserve boxes and sleeping on my air mattress after getting everything sorted lol