Chinese Culture Vs German?

My other half pointed out this funny find from Shoutbox, and I thought I’d share some of the images with you. Find the whole set of images here:

Meanwhile, here are some that had struck a chord with me –

A comment of family structure? Children do tend to be the centre of a Chinese family’s universe – not that they aren’t with most families but I think that Chinese parents are likely to sacrifice social / going out time to dedicate themselves to their children.

Timekeeping! A sterotype perhaps – of course there are timely people but Chinese people (judging from my family) are not great at timekeeping.

Ah, smile and get on with it. Sounds like Chinese mentality to me. Putting on a brave face I guess – I know my Nan was outraged by the people crying on X-Factor – “why do people cry so easily?” she said. I guess the mentality is that shedding tears should be saved for real disasters, and preferably not in public.

I have to side with the blue here – I like queuing. Well, no, I hate queues, but I like that fact I know I will be served eventually. In Hong Kong and China, it is a real squash to try and get to the front of the queue. My friend who is English taught in China and was always held up in a squish – the bank clerks used to feel sorry for her and wave her over because there was no way she would ever get her turn.

Decibels – I suppose I am immune to Chinese restaurant volumes…but…you know, I am aware of the clattering of plates and loud womens voices and occasional chewing sounds. Even worse if theres music too. Chinese people are just animated and loud in conversation I’m afraid, and especially when its over food.

Finally –

Beauty – like a lot of western ideals, being dark and tanned is preferable for that sexy latina look. In Asia, people love pale skin. There is a whole plethora of whitening products to keep the skin pale. I think it relates to the idea that if you are educated and have a good job, you probably work in an office somewhere. If you work outdoors, you get tanned, and are probably in a low paid, low skilled job. I love how smooth and creamy some pale skin looks, but sometimes, you can see with Chinese actresses, who are so thin, and so white, that it looks artificial and – well, ill.

Not that the overally tanned, orange look is great either.

Tess Daly, presented of Come Dancing looking orange. She doesn’t look that Orange there – Christina Agulieria might be a better example but I did watch her this Saturday on the opening of the UK Come Dancing and she was Luminous. I mean literally beaming off the screen. I damned the man that invented HD because my eyes needed serious recovery time.

The other woman is a very pretty Japanese model – not the palest I’ve seen, and she does look nice but she also looks caked on with make up. Her hair suits her skin colour though.

Not expresing a preference for either – I say, love the skin your in!

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