Chi Keratin Mist Leave in Strengthening Treatment Review

I was actually being nosy when I found out about Chi Keratin mist as I heard Arlene talking about it – something about the name Chi appealed to me. Chi is energy. Chi, if harnessed correctly makes you into a kung fu master. Or something like that.

Anyway on to the hair product. I don’t use leave in treatments that often because I find them heavy although judging by how dry my hair is these days, I certainly need to.

They say:

CHI Keratin Mist Leave-In Strengthening Treatment with Cationic Hydration Interlink and proteins, provides your hair with strength, protection and softness, while leaving it silky and shiny with incredible manageability.


This product is used after washing, before styling. Do I like it? Yes I do! This mist (and I admit I went overboard the first time I used it and my hair went lanky – just an even mist is enough!) made my hair shiny, less frizzy and gave it softness.

The bottle is huge – 300ml – my spray nozzle was a bit stiff (moan moan moan) but apart from the, the product itself I really liked. I tend to let my hair dry naturally with NO heat so this was the ideal product to add some manageability (can you spray it on kids?) without too much fuss. It’s also massive and will last ages. I like I like! And I usually hate spray on leave in products.

I bought this from, it was about £11 (free shipping.)

Have you tried Keratin Mist?

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  1. says

    I have frizzy ends as well, so I might try this! £11 is a quite good deal (I love Strawberrynet) and since the bottle is huge it’s gonna last a long time! :)


    • Row says

      Hi Stavroula

      Yes the bottle is MASSIVE. Use just a bit though I realised too much makes my hair greasy