Cheap Cheerful Eyelash Curlers: Koji Eyelash Curler No. 71 & No. 100

I lose eyelash curlers more often than I lose my keys, which is at least once a day…you know how Hansel and Gretel leave crumbs behind them to find their way home? I’d leave a trail of eyelash curlers.

So this year I invested in about five pairs of lash curlers, anticipating any emergency situations. See I get really ratty when I can’t find my curlers.

Koji are a Japanese company that focus on lashes (curlers), eyelid glue and tape, eyeliners and lots of other random bits.

They do a Spring Curler range (where the curlers are…well springy). I HATE these with a passion. Can not get them to work. Hate hate hate and they always catch my skin.

The regular Koji curler range is far more me:


They also have a premium range where the curlers are over £10, like this one , and the more affordable range where they curlers range at around £3-£6.

I picked up two, No. 71 Eyelash Curler, Short 33mm as I’d read some good reviews about it (they also do a wide packaging I bought last week), and No. 100, 9.5mm which is a accent curler for the corners of the eye.

It is a lot like the Japonesque metal precision curler, and far cheaper and just as good incase you are wondering!

Here is No. 71:


For me, my eye shape is quite flat but I don’t like overly ‘wide’ curlers. I won’t use anything that pinches me or requires too much pinching to curl. (FYI: I love Heroine Make, Face Shop and Nars Lash Curlers the most).

Koji Eyelash Curler fits my eye shape really well:


It has a really nice smooth mechanism. I find cheaper curlers tend to be a bit stiff the the joins at the side are a bit roughly cut, which means it can pinch or catch the skin. No problems with this one, absolutely no pinching.


It works pretty well too, just mild pressure curls my lashes nicely.

The accent curler is better than the Japonesque (which works like a tweezer) because it’s easier to press with handles on it. Having said that I don’t have tons of use for this kind of curler, I am just too lazy.


This would be good for inner and outer corners if you want some oomph. I don’t know why I don’t trust myself with this kind of curler – I feel like I could skip suddenly!


You get a replacement pad with each curler. Don’t lose the one for the Accent Curler! It’s not so easy to replace.



Both of these curlers are fab, and at about £3.50 each I would happy buy these in the future instead of forking out for Shu’s or the like.

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  1. says

    These sound pretty good! I’m really keen on finding the right eyelash curler for me – the only thing I’m not keen on is forking out around £15-£20 each time only to find I’ve gotten it wrong!

    Have you tried the Suqqu curler? I think my eyes are quite rounded, but wide. Not really sure which curler will suit them the best.

  2. Cindy says

    I have the Koji Accent Curler and because I’m so uncoordinated, I always poke myself in the eye with it :(