Cheap & Cheerful: Boots No. 17 Mirror On Lipstick Review and Swatches

Boots No. 17 have released a collection of lipstick in bright blue shiny cases called “Mirror On”.

Can you guess what they’ll be like yet?

Containing the perfect combination of pigment and micro pearls, it cleverly reflects the light to create the optical illusion of fuller lips and gives a super sheer, wet-look finish.

17 make-up artist, Vanesa Guallar, said: “This lipstick has the perfect combination of pigment and micro pearls to create super-shiny look lips with volume. The formula has the same effect of juiciness that lip-gloss does, but without the stickiness, plus the high moisturation effect for your lips.”

So there you go:


First off I love the packaging, its a cute colour, its fun. I got 3 colours to play with.

Peace, an orange red:


The texture of these lipstick is very nice. Its sheer and glossy – comfortable to wear and adds a slight plumping effect.#alttext#

You can see how sheer it is – the colour is nothing like what it is in the barrel.

Flirtini is a shimmer medium pink:


I wasn’t so keen on it in the barrel but its actually one of my favourites on the lips. It’s a candy like pink on me:


Finally Plum Perfection – not the kind of shade I would pick for myself at all, its a coppery deep bronzey plum with lots of shimmer.


Once again it doesn’t quite apply to the same depth – its more of a rosy soft plum on the lips:


There’s 10 shades in the range to choose from and they cost £4.49 each. There’s also 3 for 2 on at the moment.

Overall – I was really excited about the lipsticks at first because I like the packaging. Having tried them all now, I wish they were a little more pigmented rather than just sheer glossy lip colours because I have quite a few in that sort of texture already.

Still – they – can’t complain when you find a good glossy lipstick at a drugstore price. Also for No. 17’s target market (teenagers and women in their early 20s) its perfect. I’d certainly approve of our family teen (aged 15) wearing these kind of shades as they just leave a tint of colour.

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  1. Ally says

    Thanks for the review! I wanted to buy these but the testers at the counters were so horrible. I tried to swatch one and it broke off completely – woops. Sshh..
    Are they sturdier when new?

    • Row says

      Hi Ally

      Ah I know what you mean! I went to buy some more but all the Belles and Beehives were opened or smushed :( (New ones, so can you imagine what happened to the testers!)

      They are much much sturdier when new, no problems at all with these three x

  2. says

    I bought 4 of these the other day and have just included them in a YouTube video I made. I liked them – they have a bit of a cheap lipstick taste, but the colours come out nicely. They seem stable and steady to me, people had probably just been a bit enthusiastic with them! I got Flirtini, Peace, Hollywood (red) and Beehive (sheer pinky-nude). I’d say grab’ em, they’re a bargain! I love sheer lipsticks for the Summer.x

    • Row says

      I do think people get a bit happy on the counter! they are firm enough to me but of course they are sheer lipsticks so can squidge down if you aren’t careful. I wish they were more pigmented but they are still a good buy!