Cheap and Creamy! Milani Liquif Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil Review

My lovely pal, SukandSpice sent me the most lovely package of make up, snacks and general lovely things and I am slowly going to review the cosmetics I got! In there I got two of the Milani Liquif Eye Metallic Eyeliners!

I’d said that I wanted to try the Milani products out especially these liners!


I’m actually up to my eyeballs in eyeliners at the moment – there are a lot of good ones about that’s for sure.

The Milani Liquif Eye Metallic Eye Pencil has the feel of a liquid eyeliner, is very rich and pigmented with a metallic finish and is paraben free. It is supposed to dry in around 15 seconds to stay put all day.The pencil comes in a selection of colours, black, brown, silver, aqua and gold.

I have black and brown here – just want I wanted since I have a new obsession for brown liners!


These liners are creamy and super pigmented. Like super super super pigmented and creamy. Like, I’ve never tried anything as soft and creamy as this – Dairylea has nothing of this liner.

Now – there was a time when all the eyeliners I tried were hideously dry and difficult to get pigment from – this is the total opposite. You will have NO problem getting this to work on your waterline and it also works very well under the lashes because it does not drag at all.

It reminds me of Avon Supershock eyeliner – but better!

Check out the pigment on that:


Now, what are the problems with such a creamy pencil eyeliner?

The obvious really – it’s more likely to smudge, it’s more likely run.

This one is like warm butter when applied and if you give it some time to set I do think that it set wonderfully – I’m not saying it won’t creep a bit because it did on me (I have very watery eyes) but it stayed put much better than the Avon eyeliner, for example.

Also you have to be careful if you rub your eyes like I do – PANDA EYES. It will last really well this liner but not that well.

On me (excuse my funky lashes – unfortunately, this is what happens once a lash perm starts to fall out):


What you do have to watch with these liners because they are so rich is that the liner suits the look you are going for. In other words, it’s so black and inky that it can look heavy so unless you can carry that look off, or it is appropriate for the face you’ve got on that day (think Kate Middleton’s slightly too inky black liner on her wedding day).

I LOVE these liners, I really do they’re a pleasure to use. I’d say to be safe I would powder over it with some eyeshadow otherwise, I think these are rather brilliant.

Have you tried these eyeliners before? Who makes your favourite pencil liner?

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  1. styleezta says

    Another brand called prestige makes a similar pencil! Cheap too around $4.

  2. Gabriela says

    Hi, where can I find these eyeliners online to buy?
    I live in Brazil and not all websites can ship it to here.. I tryed Ebay, CherryCulture, but I can’t find it in Black..
    Can you help meeeee? 😉