Cheap, and cheerful? Canmake Eyeshadow Base and Primer Review

Canmake is a drugstore/high street (whatever you want to call it) level cosmetic brand from Japan. Think Collection 2000. But much, much better and more innovative for the price!

I purchased this eyeshadow base, because I am a sucker for primers of any kind.


They say:

A creamy eyeshadow base enhances colour payoff and prevents unsightly creases for eye makeup that stays vibrant and fresh even well into the night.

Moist formula quickly turns to powder after blending on lid, improving eyeshadow adhesion for longer lasting colour that stays put regardless of sweat and extreme humidity. Pat and blend on lid before applying eyeshadow.

The texture is really interesting. What this primer has is a slightly oily, hydrating texture which is odd – it looks like it’s going to be thick and dry and it isn’t:


The added benefit of this primer is that it works as a concealer too – this means it will cover up redness, fine hairs and veins. It spreads nicely, it blends in nicely and leaves a really lovely, even base.

Without a doubt this product improves colour pay off and because I like to apply the shadow quickly on top, it really seems to adhere (I like slightly oily primers because of this).


It leaves a bit of a pale cast on my skin – makes no difference to me because I go over it with eyeshadow or I can just use it on the lid only. If you are dark skinned you may not like the pale cast it leaves on the skin.


Where does this rate as far as eyeshadow primers go? I like this less than Michael Todd but more than Gosh Eyeshadow Sticks and Lancome Ombre Perfecter.

Basically if you can get this at retail price, then it’s a good primer (I paid about £9 for this and that is seriously marked up). It improves colour pay off, it improves durability quite a lot but it doesn’t leave you crease free for the WHOLE DAY. More like half a day.

I still like it more than UDPP though – I think that’s a bit old school now – so I would recommend this but I’m not saying it’s the best primer I’ve ever used. I bought this from eBay.

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  1. says

    I’m always intrigued by eyeshadow primers – everyone raves about UDPP which I do use but I wouldn’t be upset if I lost it. I need to get more adventurous and try some new ones.
    Fab review :-)

  2. says

    Every single primer I’ve ever tried has left a white cast on my skin, even the ‘invisible’ ones, so that’s something I can’t get around unfortunately :( This reminds me a bit of the No7 Eyeshadow Base?

  3. Jen says

    I like using Benefit LemonAid as an eye base, or just as an eyelid concealer for redness and veins. I have UDPP but don’t really use it much as I don’t personally rate it as a good eyelid primer on myself

  4. says

    thanks for the review. It looks easy to use, but I’m pretty lazy about primers. I think I’ll keep looking.

  5. lima says

    do you prefer this over etude house eyeshadow primer? which one do you like better? thanks!