Changes to Cosmetic Candy

Argh. It’s Sunday already. I want to stick my finger through my eyeball. But let’s be positive! Want to alert you to some new features and buttons that you may have noticed.

Cosmetic Candy-6.jpg

Introducing the C-Box! This is a chat box/message board – sometimes I miss comments or I don’t get a chance to reply because WordPress isn’t playing ball. You can always leave me a message on the message board or discuss make up like things on there if you wish with other visitors.

The Paws button is a surprise….wait and see!

Cosmetic Candy-4.jpg

The RSS button (on the left) is if you want to subscribe and keep up to day with posts, and the YouTube button will take you to Cosmetic Candy’s videos (with comedy paws).

Cosmetic Candy-5.jpg

The @ button is if you want to send an email to me, and the SU Button is if you want to Stumble this blog (because you love it so much! It basically submits the site to Stumble so that other people can find it).

Cosmetic Candy-2.jpg

Click on NEW TO COSMETIC CANDY if you are new, or you want to see the FAQ. You can click here if you aren’t new too so see a art-pop picture of me, if that’s your kind of thing.

Click on the Twitter Button if you would like to follow my frequent mental breakdowns and ever so interesting muses! You can also stay up to date with posts this way.

Cosmetic Candy-3.jpg

If you want to see a list of everything thats on the site, click on INDEX. If you want to see the Tutorials in slide show form.

Two UPCOMING sections include:

Cosmetic Candy-7.jpg

The Take Better Photos Guide, specifically on beauty photography. There is the Swatch Gallery which has been a real pain, but will be ready soon, full of high quality searchable swatches.

There are also Podcasts to subscribe to (in the sidebar):

Cosmetic Candy-8.jpg

I am also hopefully doing a blog sale page at some point (when I’ve done everything else!) so look out for that!

Any feedback or suggestions, or if you are having any problems with the site, please let me know in the comments, I appreciate it! X

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  1. says

    Love the new blog icons! Makes it a lot easier to navigate around, and looking forward to seeing what the Paws one will be…