CHANEL White Essential Light Reflecting Whitening Compact Foundation

I want it. I want it. I want it.

I believe this compact is sold in the Asia markets, but I’m having trouble locating it (I have real useful cousins – not). - Parfums & Beaute?-1-1.jpg

If anyone is in that neck of the woods and can get hold of this palette for me, drop me an email – rowena @ I can pay via Paypal or Goats, if you prefer.

You shall be blessed with extremely beautiful children!

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  1. says

    Do you have a shot of the lid?? I believe I have it. At least it looks like something I have. And yes I got it from Taiwan.

  2. says

    Nope, I have the High Protection Lightening Compact Power Foundation. Sorry… I don’t know if it’s the same thing. It kind of looks the same except without a mirror.

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      No worries. I have located one! tis one is called Chanel White Masters, I think.

  3. Mable says

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haven’t been on in ages because of all the school crap going on. But why is it that you always make me want to buy more makeup?!?! *evil*

    Where can I get info on colour selection? I imagine my Dad isn’t going to appreciate me asking him to test different colours out. *laugh*

    • Row says

      Hi Nuhty Girl

      I hope you got my email! Yes it has a hole on the back but as I bought this from EBay I cant promise you that they still sell refills….