Chanel White Blanc Kohl Eyeliner

I have been looking like a zombie lately – lots of work to do, alas I can’t complain because it’s all good stuf…no wait. I will complain. I’m tired, and I need more sleep!

I decided I was in need of a white eye pencil for keeping my eyes looking bright. I have tried numerous white liners before but I find that most pencils struggle with my waterline (I have very wet, weepy eyes).

I decided to test out Chanel’s Kohl in Blanc, as it felt smooth but with a dry texture (waxy pencils don’t have a hope in hell of making an impact on my inner rims)


I went for Chanel and something better quality because normally, I buy 5 drugstore pencils that are all rubbish for £4 before realizing I should have just bought a better one in the first place.


A free pencil! I should hope so for £14.50


A nice dry textured pencil


And did it work or was I scrubbling like hell to get some colour off? Well….


Yay! It worked! It came of easily on my waterline and although it looks a little harsh on its own, from a distance you can really see the difference between this eye with the liner and the one that doesn’t have it on. It looks a lot more tired. Once the rest of the eye make up is on, it will look more natural.

Yay for Chanel Kohl Pencil!

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  1. says

    i have single eyelids and small eyes so instead of sometimes i use white liners to line my waterline too, what a difference they make! i only have one from shu uemura with 2 ends, check it out if you have a chance, i find the metallic end has a nicer effect than matte! apparently baby pink and baby blue works really well too.

  2. Medina says

    Oh I love Shu Uemura ice pink one, a tiny hint of lilac-y pink makes it look a lot more natural than Chanel one, also the texture is better, it really sticks to the waterline and stays put for hours. When I worked in the City and had to get up at 6:15 every morning it was the only thing that saved me from looking like a something out of “28 days later”.

    • Row says

      Hey Medina

      You know, that stupid film has been following me around…everyday someone mentiones it to me. Maybe I’m going to become a zombie?

      I agree with you a hint of pink makes it softer, but with the Chanel, once you have other eye make up on, blak liner, shadow, mascara it’s not as harsh 😀 its quite retroey, but on its own you look like a nutty cat woman!