Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

UPDATED – Lip Swatches added!

So I mentioned the other day that in a pool of misery I made a trip to Chanel. Here are the shades of the Rouge Allure Laque Lip Glosses which are supposed to last like lipticks:


I got ming and mandarin.


These are lovely but sooooooo expensive ; £22.50!!!


I’m not so keen on the black packaging as it gets finger marks on it easily and also, you can’t see the colour. the clear tubes you get with the testers is better I think:


Ming is the light pink and is just STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING. A perfect lip colour and I love it.

The colours are very pigmented and thick – yes you can wear them sheer though so it’s not too scary but they certainly aren’t sheer glosses.

As for how well they last – the answer is better than your average gloss but not as long as 8 hours or a proper lipstick. It didn’t survive a meal (it left a light stain) I would say it would look good for 4 hours if you ate and drank nothing. Nevertheless it’s a really nice product typical of Chanel. Ming is a must have I tell ya – its stunning!

The lady gave me a card too with the Chanel No. 5 scent on it:


I tell ya, I have never got Chanel No.5 I always thought it smelt old and overly strong. But as I’ve been carrying this card around, having a soft waft of no.5 I suddenly got it – the soft frangrance, the soft smell of meadows, the elegance. I just got it. Now, I want it.






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  1. Dude, I’m in love with the lipstick in this range. Homhomhom it’s freakin’ gorgeous.
    Now I need the gloss too!

  2. i got me a Ming yesterday too, and i’m in love :)

  3. yeah, and i love the new limited edition lip palette too :)

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