Chanel Quads & Urban Decay Eyeliners

In the UK, there is a huge drugstore called Boots, which sells all kinds of beauty, healthcare, haircare goods. They have a card which you use to get points for every purchase you make. Quite often there are good offers, like, buy two of these items and get 1000 points. 100 points = £1, so 1000 = £10 ($20 USD).

Points are surprisingly easy to earn and there are always special offers on.

I love my Boots card;

Anyway after Christmas, I had a fair few points to burn. What I should have done was spend it useful on something like an Ipod. But nevermind, make up is essential too (besides this way I am not actually spending on Make Up). So I went to get a few things with my points – two Urban Decay Eyeliners, in Radium, and Smog:

Radium is a very true, bright solid blue and Smog is a dark, dirty olive green. I tested these on my hand and they stayed put all day! This is really excellent for a strong colour and for long lasting effects.

On the other hand I wanted something elegant and wearable. Beauty Blogger Karen had said that done two amazing reviews on the Chanel Garden Party Quad and the new Celestes (blues) Quad. Gorgeous! I had some hesitation getting these palettes because I had previously owned a Chanel Quad which had issues with pigmentation. You know when you have to rub very hard to get any colour?….

Now, perhaps it is because I choose the Garden Party Quad and Sparkling Satins (which are newer colours), that they are soft and easy to apply. No, they don’t give wham bam effects but the powder was soft and gave just the right look for an elegant eye.

Not bad for free!

On the downer side, I made an order during the Boots.Com Sale. I have only had negative experiences unfortunately with the condition of goods that have arrived to me from the website, and now I was informed that two of my parcels ordered before Christmas have gone missing! How does a company lose two large parcels, sent my a trackable courier company anyway? How?! It really is a new experience for me.

So Fine, I said, just refund me. Then they threw a load of odd figures at me and tried to offer me a refund for an amount less than a quarter than the total order total! You must be kidding me, I said! Refund me for everything you haven’t managed to send me. Tis only fair is it not?

Nevermind. Money saved of sale stuff I didn’t really need can be spend on a nice lasagne or a beauty item I actually do want?! Every cloud….

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  1. karen, says

    yqy, I’m so glad you got Garden Party!

    It’s interesting how on your side of the pond how the shadows are round and not pyramid shaped.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Row says

    Vanessa: Yes! I will give it a go this weekend! It is a very vivid colour :)

    Karen: Yes I love garden party! Its amazing how good it looks when used wet. Cannot wait for the blue quad now 😀