Chanel Gold 2008 Collection

I love Gold. I love Gold. Unless its a Gold tooth. Or a Gold Digger. Or Gold Jewellery. Then I’m more of a platinum girl myself. Otherwise, I love Gold!

Chanel’s little gold collection features 2 new nail polishes, eyeliner, some new lipsticks and 3 new lipglosses and a highlighter.

I already have buyers regret with these goods. I think it’s because whilst the products look glam and nice there wasn’t an instant rush to the head like when I see a new Lunasol or Jill Stuart Palette.

The nail polish in Gold in LE, as are the 3 glosses, as is the gold highlighter. I got:

Facettes D’Or Highlighter in Gold Fever:

It’s a proper gold, like, shimmer highlighter with a hint of colour. I don’t know WHY I got this in hindsight. It smells nice and it adds a touch of chalkish gold shimmer. On the promo shot, the model wears it at the top of her cheek bones then in a V shape to the top of her brows. Very nice but it doesn’t quite blend as well or add quite the same amount of glow in real life – its too grainy for that. £29 for the powder.

Gold Ficition is a real gold polish – it does give a lovely effect even after just one coat. Its lasting pretty well now and I’ve worn it for 2 days (hey, that’s a long time in my world). It’s £17 and comes in a opaque gold bottle. Hmmm. Do I love? Not really. It’s ok. But I’m sure it can be duped.

There are three new Glossimers that are LE for this collection; Delight, Amberlight and Gold Light. Delight is a lilac with loads of shimmer, Amberlight is a slightly opaque bronze, and Gold light is the one I got:

There’s TONS of chunky shimmer in this and this photo does it no justice – when applied it actually has a purple-pink sheen to it. I lav it! So much so that I want a dupe. It looks amazing in the light.

So that was the gold collection for me – what do you think? Autumn time is surely the time for golds!

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  1. says

    When the promo pics of the collection came out i was lemming the powder Facettes D’Or real bad, but i figured it wouldn’t look good on my pale skin for normal day use. Too bad cause i love gold…so i went for Nars instead

  2. Medina says

    I too thought all the gold bits were a bit “meh” but Kaleidoscope is amazing. It’s such a unique colour, even my husband (who is blind to any make up except red lipstick) was like “wow! Let me see your nails again…” I already bought 2 back up’s, it’s selling out fast in London

  3. Row says

    Hey Makeup Fairy

    What Nars did ya get? Yeah – I am sort of regretting the Facet’s D’or. Its not as nice as Nars Albartross if you ask me!

  4. Row says

    Hey Medina

    Oooh I didn’t check out Kalediscope – they said it wasn’t LE so I figured out it could wait a while. However, they could be lying, if so then I need some…