Chanel Aurora Spring 2008 Collection

For Spring 2008, Chanel have produced a gorgeous cool collection, full of rich navy and blues:

There is the Limited Edition Quad, 4 Fleurs, which contains pastel, iridescent shades:

The blue nail polish, which is utterly enticing is Blue Satin, a deep, shimmery blue-black. There is also a pastel blue, pink & white which are all limited edition.

After seeing the makeover Karen did with the quad, Entrancess Blusher (a rose-brown blusher, also new) I was truly suckered in.

Cool blues, without any hits of warmth are just my kind of thing. Yet – I can’t help but hold back from dropping £36.50 for a quad. The most enticing shade of the quad is the darkest blue – I can’t help but think of the other three pale shades as bland.

But then again, I am dying for a Guerlain quad because I am totally in love with the teal shade:

See the one in the top, left hand corner. That dark teal shade is arcadia defined for me. I love blue and I love green, what can better then a true mix of the two?! The black in the bottom corner is also very sexy….but anyway I digress. The point is, I could buy a quad just beacause I love one colour in it…

I noticed that Chanel has already made a very similar quad to the Aurora Blue, in Blue Notes:

I am finding it difficult to see any major differences in the two, although the quality may differ greatly.

If I am strong enough I am going to avoid getting this quad, instead indulging my Boots Card Points on this YSL collection instead. Besides, the swirly blushers and eye pens are limited edition, so I can take my time buying the Aurora Quad.

P.S. If anyone knows of true teal eyeshadow, like the gorgeous one in the Guerlain Quad let me know!

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  1. Chica says

    I’ve never tried it but Tigi Bedhead do a teal eyeshadow – it’s a shade I love too, although it’s pretty difficult to find.
    The tigi one is around £7-10 depending which webbie you’re on.
    Your blog is awesome, by the way!

  2. Chica says

    If i’m re-adding this comment I’m sorry but my computor crashed!
    Tigi Bedhead do an eyeshadow in teal, i haven’t ever used Bedhead but their teal shade is pretty tempting!
    It costs around £7-10 depending on which webbie you’re looking at.
    Love your blog btw!!

  3. Row says

    Hey Chica

    Thanks a lot for you comment & your compliment!

    Now years ago I managed to pick up some Tigi Make up at the Clothes Show but I haven’t seen any around since then. I am going to have a look at Ebay and see if I can find it!