Centerpoint More Than A Gift; Giving the homeless a chance to freshen up…

I was contacted this week and told about a great Christmas ‘gift’ scheme run by Centerpoint, a charity that supports young homeless people in the UK.

Over Christmas, we can buy a “gift” for someone on the Centerpoint shop site. They will provide you with a card or e-card you can then pass on to the recipient detailing your gift.

Each gift has been carefully chosen to bring hope to a young person’s life.

There are 9 gifts to choose from, from a meal, to a gift voucher, to books, to a bed for the night and the one that caught my eye, an essential toiletry kit called “More than a chance to freshen up“.


They say:

One of the first things homeless young people want, is a chance to get clean, to wash the street off them. It’s more than just dirt that gets washed away. It’s also the horrors of the past they’ve fled from.

When you buy a bag of basic toiletries and a towel, you buy someone the beginnings of a fresh start.

So if you have time please pop over and have a look. Perhaps there is someone who would appreciate a voucher (better than another set of bath salts, right?!) . And it is such a cold, cold winter….

The gifts vary in price and start from as little as £7. You could of course make a direct donation instead.

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