Cattier Paris Products; Pink Medicinal Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin, Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Massage Envirant

I only recently heard about a French beauty brand called Cattier Paris, who have a large large range of skincare and haircare goodies at reasonable prices.  The compact was founded in 1968 by Pierre Cattier, and it’s ethos is creating a range that is natural and carriest the ECOCERT certificate. 

I have a selection of 3 products to review. 

First I have the Pink Medicinal Clay Mask which is:

Cattier Paris Pink Medicinal Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

  • Natural Face Mask with mineral-rich Yellow clay
  • Provides dry skin with nutrients and refreshing moisture
  • Natural protection from toxins with soothing, healing effects

This is  a runny pink mask – the texture was actually a little problematic to use, because it was runny and squirted out everywhere.  You need to give this a good ‘shake’ if possible otherwise it has an odd clumpy texture. 

Cattier Paris Pink Medicinal Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin 2

I don’t mind the mask although it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be – I found it removed oiliness temporarily but didn’t really do much else like brighten the skin or remove make things look better. Overall it’s a decent enough though if you are looking for a basic mask.

This was my least favourite product of the lot because of the weird texture and because I made a mess a few times when trying to get the product out of the bottle.  

Cattier Paris Pink Medicinal Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin 1

Next up is the Cattier Shampoo for oily/greasy hair types which I currently have.  

Cattier Shampooing for Greasy Hair

They say:

  • Mild nourishing shampoo especially for oily hair
  • With green clay to balance the scalp and prevent too much sebum production
  • With wheat proteins for better manageability
This weird runny green shampoo is a pretty effective and easy to use shampoo. I found it tackled greasiness nicely without stripping my hair although I would say on day 2 I felt I wanted to wash it again so I can’t say it works well at reducing oiliness for a few days. 

My favourite product of the lost was this Cattier Paris massage oil – in Enivrant.
  • Cattier Massage Enivrant 100mlA 100% natural massage oil
  • With high quality organic ingredients
  • Rich oils from carrot, olive and rose hips provide the skin with natural nutrients and make it wonderfully soft
  • The sensual scents of vanilla and honey enliven the senses

I love this massage oil – it has a beautiful thick oily texture which some of my more expensive oils have, and a gorgeous warm smell which is calming without being too floral.  It’s actually one of the nicest massage oils I have tried – it really glides across the skin and it lovely and neutral enough to work with for a while without being overpowering. 

See it here. 

Overall it’s been interesting trying out Cattier Paris products – I will definitely try our more products in the future, as their range is so vast and the prices are reasonable to give everything a try. 





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