Catherine Zeta Jones – Bad make up?

That forever tolerant and kind newspaper, the Daily Mail reported today that Cathering Zeta Jones needed the Mask of Zorro to cover up her zits and generally shiny face because of a bad make up job.

What do you think?

The article refers to her as spotty, but I don’t think that’s the issue here – she has two tiny spots on her chin, that nothing in terms of spot heirachy.

She looks like she’s been overly bronzed and glazed, too much over the forehead, cheeks, and down the T-zone generally. She has too much shimmer on her cheeks and all over making her pores look huge – but that happens to anyone with medium pores + all over highlighter.

Her brows look lighter than ususal and her eyes are missing her usual smokey eyeshadow and liner. But I think that’s it. A bit of a make up faux pas but not quite has hideous as The Daily Mail, full of beauties on the staff I’m sure, makes out.

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  1. TheMafeupFairy says

    she looks like she fell into an MSF ^^
    he’s like: “wtf were you thinking?!”

    is it just me or is her nose really swollen?

  2. Row says

    Hey make up fairy – LOLLLLLL!!!!!!! I can’t think of a better description than that!

    Yeah her nose looks extra bulbousy – how odd!

  3. Row says

    Hey Eru. Totally! We all have bad make up days, we just don’t all have paparazzi following us around!

  4. says

    The shimmer definitely doesn’t help, it made the tip of her nose look bulbous and makes her whole face look oily! She actually looks like a different person without her trademark smoky eyes hmmm…

    Oh and after reading that original article which has much bigger pictures, the bronzer is definitely overdone. Its like the MA just brushed a big streak of bronze across the middle of her face :/