Aube Couture on Sale!


It looks pretty cute but I’m not convinced. Because I like Aube as it was before, even though it was hit and miss, and I love Rinka, who is the prettiest woman in the world (in my opinion): Well, maybe not in that photo. Aube Couture has a new dual use cream shadow and eyeshadow […]

Teal Me!: Nars Summer 2009 Collection


With so many other brands and products distracting me, I haven’t had time to think about Nars.  But observe!  The most a-ma-zing eyes for summer: Mmmm it’s working for me.  The range: Tropic is surely the star of the collection?  Similar to the night series, it is described as: Lush, silver-flecked teal – a precise […]

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