Baby Lash Envy


Baby Gomez in now just over three months. Baby G has inherited something from her Western blood it seems – long long eyelashes.

Isn’t she lovely?


Yeah Michelle Obama looked like an angel at the Ball.. Did you like? It does look like a wedding dress but what a beautiful dress. A tiny bit shapeless at the waist but I still think she looks like an angel. I like the fact she didn’t slut it up even though should could have […]

Gigantic Mouth of the Day


Come on! You know its HUGE. Anne Hathaway needs to a. Lay off the attention seeking red lipstick b. And smile with no teef, like Vicky Beckham. She’s scaring me, mommy!.

Screw You: The National Lottery Alerts


Tut. You wake up on a Sunday Morning groggy. You had an argument with the other half the night before because he was being a selfish pig, and as a protest you stayed up till 7am. When you wake up you instinctively check your Blackberry to see what messages you got. You see this: Oh […]

Emma Thompson says British men are retards, knows everything


Emma Thompson is my new god. She says of her husband, the extremely handsome Greg Wise: “There are lots of nice things about British men. For instance, they can be very funny and very self-deprecating. In Britain, you very rarely get the sort of macho self-confidence of the Latin man who is so out there […]

Most annoying people of 2008


The BBC did their annual 100 most annoying people on TV charts today. The most annoying celebrity is apparently model Agness (can’t spell it, ok?) Deyn – more annoying than Kerry Katona? More annoying than Megan Fox? More annoying that Jennifer Anistons chin? I don’t actually understand what she’s done that’s so wrong but anyway… […]

Cuteness for Friday


As reported, my littlest cousin is now 3 months! And cute: Know what it reminded me of? Pubert from the Addams Family! No need for a wig of course!

Man Talk: Has it?


So I’ve just watched a film called Grand Tourino, a new one from Clint Eastwood. It’s good. Halfway through the film, the other half asks me, does Clint, at 78 still “have it”. Yes, I say, I think he does. I don’t know what “it” necessarily is. What I think it is, is a kind […]

The end is nigh…

…to 2008 that is.  Just as well.  I am all ready for a fresh start, and then when it all goes wrong, fresh start no. 2 in February (Chinese New Year!).  Won’t be going out tonight, it’s FAR too cold – so it’s a huge family cosy up for me. Television is awful on this […]

Alexandra Burke vs John Fashanu


I see a striking resemblance: John Fashanu is a retired footballer. Alexandra Burke is the latest winner of the UK X-Factor. Both are pretty damn annoying.

I finished something!


I know, give me a medal. But seriously if you have as much make up as me, finished something deserves a pat on the back. And here it is: It’s the RMK creamy foundation in shade 103. Bought this a long time ago. The RMK bases are really nice, fresh bases that are very recommended. […]


I have to say, I didn’t have much hope when I spotted the dude with yarn on his face. But listen ladies, and you will fall in love. Oh it helps if you spent 95% of your childhood playing on a Nintendo Gameboy like me, because your Asian parents replaced interaction with consoles and pirated […]

Worship the little Irish Imp


Louis Walsh just called Cheryl “That was my best performace of yours” Cole “Little Miss Showbiz over there” (and something else I can’t remember) cos Shezza said Louis was turning his crappy band JLS into Westlife. That shut her up. Cheryl knows nothing about anything, she needs to stick to looking gorgeous and showing how […]

Facebook IS for dummies


I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book. What on earth can there be to teach? Chapter 1: This is how to log on. Chapter 2: Friends; quantity, not quality. Chapter 3: POKE ME: Dealing with pokes. Chapter 4: How to stalk your ex/collegue/friend Chapter 5: How to change your […]

You need to learn a new language

You know, as humans become dumber and lazier it is inevitable that some languages will become endangered.* Endangered languages include Hawaiian, Tulu, Breton, Leonese, Manchu, Cajun French, Proper English. Actually Wikepedia says that and endangered language can be termed as such by looking at: 1. The number of speakers currently living. 2. The mean age […]

Halloween was pants


For me anyway. I waited in as Megs and her big sis went trick or treating. I sat with packs of lollies and haribo, deciding on my sweet ration strategy. Teenagers – get an lolly Miserable teenagers – get a mouldy lolly General Kids – a lolly and haribo Cute little kids – multiple lollies […]

Cats on Probation


After seeing Peanut Cat I’ve realised my kitties are not paying their dues. Do you know what I come home to? Kits better start showing skillz or there will be trouble!

Coffee = Fried Egg Boobies


If you like Starbucks and am a ‘A’ cup, look away now. Ever the source of fair and balanced reporting, the Daily Mail reports today that women’s boobies can shrink if the lady is drinking 3 cups of coffee or more.  Says some scientist that got a D at science college: ‘Drinking coffee can have […]

Megan has a haircut!

Megan, star of YouTube has a haircut.  Never mind the cut check out how much she looks like a Jedi.

I don’t even know why I’m entering because I probably can’t use the winning voucher if I’m on this side of the pond – nevertheless, massage a cat lady’s ego!: Give me a 10 for Cutest Pet She’s seriously the sweetest thing ever, she’s wayyyyyyy better behaved then Megan.

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