(Some) Women only wash their bras…6 times a year!


According to the Daily Mail, most women spend £2,700 a year on bras but only wash them six times a year. A spokesman said: ‘The extra dirt is clearly not good for the wearer’s skin as bras are fitted snug to the chest and this build up of bacteria can create irritation.’ You don’t say. […]

Happy Weekend!


Have fun this weekend! How come I feel so discombobulated? Like I’m here, but not all here. Do add me on Twitter, it’s getting a bit more interesting! Check out the poll on the right in the sidebar – let me know what you want! I update around 3 times a day, have you kept […]

Online Retail Therapy: Annoyance


Sigh.  No matter what you do, you can’t help but get a bad seller or retailer, bad customer service or just a bad product. Manners especially, don’t cost anything, so it really gets my goat when people just can’t respond in a human manner; especially when YOU are buying from THEM. Today I’ve realised I’ve […]

Faveo Freedom Bra – Melon Holders

So I was browsing for (new) undey-wears on eBay and what do I find? The Faveo Freedom Bra! They look like cups but are made for ladies with big chi-chis. They bascially stick on and hold them up so that you can theoretically, wear strapless, backless clothes, even if you have gazungas. Video: You know […]

When big becomes scary


So I was watching the first 2 episodes of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 and silly me, I was eating at the same time – I nearly choked to death when Alison, girl with the widest eyes in the world appeared. I’m all for bodily fluids but it probably isn’t such a great conversation […]

5 things I like to buy…


…apart from Make Up. I have to say beauty related items are my biggest weakness, but I have some others too! 1. Books I have a huge, huge weakness for books. I have three bookshelves and they are all collapsing. The thing is I don’t see books as a luxury item – books are a […]

Screw You!: Chemist Direct UK


UPDATE: Cancelled order – couldn’t wait any longer, will pop down to Boots instead. They didn’t care of course and offered no explanation why an order that was supposed to dispatched in 24-48 hours was still ‘processing’ after 10 days. If they had only said something, like X item is out of stock, or X […]

Poll: Saddest Movie Moments

I was asking the other half today if he had ever cried at a film, to which he responded “Being a man, I had to stop myself”. Great. But this got me thinking – what film moments have brought a lump to my throat? When I find a film sad or poignant, usually its the […]

If there’s a camel up a hill

You have to go and subscribe. This is the Korean boys own channel! When he sings in his own language he’s about x 1,000,000 better. Evidence: I am starting a campaign. Stop Korean Boy from YouTube from singing in English and wearing spangly tops that would look good on a hooker, stick to the Korean […]

Korean Boy is getting better!

If you spend too much time on YouTube then you may have had your ears raped by a young Korean boy called Kim Dong Won, who sings Mariah. Well, after classics like Touch my Body and Listen, here is Always Be My Baby…and it’s not bad at all! (yes I know its BAD but its […]

Just for fun: Walkers Crisps


Walkers Crisps in the UK have launched 6 new crisp flavours – these have been inspired by some people who have too much time on their hands and now people have a few months to buy, try and vote for their favourite. The fav becomes a permanent flavour. They are: Onion Bhaji Fish & Chips […]

Arm Shields – because you have no friends


Found another daft invention: Fresh from Japan, arm shields to prevent your arms from tanning in the sun. C’mon! When I was a kid, I’d stick my arms out of the window to tan! You could just wear something long sleeved and have the air con on, or wear some sunscreen? Why am I even […]

Mum – is that you?

Lady missed her flight and went a bit nuts. You can’t blame her for expressing herself – I must remember this next time I am in Space NK.

Is it in the water?

Everyone is a little on the mad side, lately, no? First the Bale, not Etta. I used to like Buoyancy now she grates me like a….grater. She’s everywhere. She’s not as annoying as Mariah Carey, but she’s getting there. Anyway, obviously she sang ‘At Last’ for the Presidents inauguration ball. I presumed Etta James was […]

Myleene Klass resembles Donnie Yen


This isn’t the best example, but CHECK IT OUT! Separated at birth? It’s hard finding a picture of Myleene when she doesn’t have a maniacal grin on her face but I sort of managed it. I forget she used to take her kit off for lads magazines a lot…anyway, just a random thought of the […]

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