Blog Sale Date Announcement!


UPDATE: The blog sale date has been changed to – SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.   It’s time for another blog sale! The date of the next blog sale 2013 will be Saturday 22nd June at 8pm.  I wanted to do it this weekend but there’s too much to work through still, sorry!   […]

Blog Sale and General Blog Chit Chat….


Hallo ladies,  Just a little update to say there won’t be as many post this week because I am concentrating on getting this blog sale ready within the next 2 weeks.  It’s been quite hard to do what with a butterball in tow, and the sheer amount of stuff I am going to part with! […]

Pin It Forward with Pinterest!


Today I am talking about Pinterest and how I am taking part in the Pinterest Pin it Forward  Campaign! The Pin it Forward UK campaign involved 300 bloggers over 30 days from various genres sharing and introducing boards from other Pinterest-ers.  Here is a post about the kickoff! I am quite new to Pinterest – […]

Easter Weekend and Technical Woes!


Hello! How are ya all! I have been very quiet this week because although my camera has now been fixed (very quickly by the nice people at Nikon) my laptop has gone to heaven so I am currently waiting to see if it is ore economical to buy a new one or pay rather a […]

General Blog Service Update and Sean Bean Memes


So this happened… My not cheap Macbook Pro which is just 6 months old died suddenly yesterday (currently not charging – it’s flashing orange) so I have booked myself into the Apple genius bar AGAIN where I can be assisted by some 19 year old hipster with bizarre facial hair. I am currently typing on […]

News Flash: My D7000 Camera Died This Weekend


I have no idea why I am announcing this on the blog as it doesn’t really have to be mentioned but MY CAMERA DIED LAST WEEK.  My Nikon D7000 which is almost 2 years old just suddenly ‘clicked’ loudly as I was taking photos of eyeliner (how very beauty bloggy of me) and like an […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

kitty fur heart

I feel like it’s only right to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day.  Remember you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate it! We don’t have anything planned but we are swapping gifts. My present is mega romantic…honest.  No idea what we will have for dinner, whatever is left in the freezer, […]

Now you can Pinterest images on Cosmetic Candy!


I have had a Pinterest account for a while but I never really got it. I decided to make an effort this weekend and have a go and I did have fun building ‘boards’.  Basically it’s a place with lots of images and you can search for inspiring pictures to add to your boards – […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!


We are having a very big family Christmas this year and it is Baby C’s first one so we have lots of nice things planned!  Hoping you all have a safe, loving, happy Christmas with your loved ones wherever you are in the world X

New Blog Design!


Just a quickie to let you know we are implementing a new, cleaner blog design (as you can see). It’ll probably take a day or two to implement all the changes and there may be little bugs as we go along – if you spot a problem (like you try to leave a comment and […]

Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar!


Never mind £1 advent calendars with horrible chocolate inside – no, beauty buffs you need a special calendar filled with beauty products! Now, this isn’t the first of it’s kind but it’s still pretty cool – this advent calendar fro Latest in Beauty (in partnership with YOU magazine) costs £59.95 but is worth over £210, […]

Bumble & Bumble launch in Boots Manchester!


One of my favourite hair ranges, Bumble & Bumble will be launching in Boots premium haircare areas (30 flagship Boots stores initially by the end of October 2012). This means we can buy their goodies with Boots points!!! You can also take a seat in the styling chair and get a consultation from a stylist […]

Feed issues, Blog update…


Hello ladies…Just a quick update. At the moment we are trying to sort out the feeds so there may be some little kinks to iron out (such as more than one email being sent out each day – that is not supposed to happen!). Hopefully in a few days this will be rectified. At some […]

Speed Reviews Alert!


Aloha! Ladies, I am still as busy as ever…however, I am putting aside some evenings to photograph some gorgeous new products I’ve been trying.  I also went through some photographs from January 2012 till now – and there are lots of odd products I never got round to reviewing (but I took photos of!).  Therefore […]

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