Cat Disaster!

It’s Monday. How ya doin?!

Me? Not so great. One of the many disasters I had this week is that my boy cat, who is desperate to be an extra in the next Jackie Chan movie decided that jumping from the floor to the top of a wardrobe is a good idea and came flying into my arm (it really hurt).

What did I have in my hand at the time? An inferior cup of free dried coffee. Where did it go? All over my laptop.

I thought my macbook could weather anything, but apparently not a few splashes of sickly sweet, half price coffee. My keys A, S, W, E, D, X, C, ALT, CCTRL, FN, Shift and APPLE are not working.

Apparently it needs time to dry out. If its not working by tomorrow (I am having to type on a PC here *spits*) I’ll have to spend £100+ on a new keyboard.


My point is, I had loads of good posts in mind but I just cant work under these conditions.

I did do something useful though – all blog sale items are packed and ready to go (6 of you still need to pay – you know who you are!). See after the jump to see if your parcel is on its way….Remember, remember that Royal Mail are striking Thur and Fri and god knows when else. Fingers crossed UK girls will get their parcels sooner. International girls, it could take longer than normal.

I have put a few goodies into every parcel AT RANDOM.

People’s packages who are on their way (email me if you have paid and you think I have missed you out):

Charlotte T

Emily C

Louise H

Sarah S

Eve L

Leanne P

Rebecca H

Jo K

Nicola A


Fan W



Caroline D

Hui L

Pey P

Amira G

Anna Maria S


Winnie T

(Few girls, I am waiting for your payment please)

Also I might as well add the Fairtrade girls, your packages – so so so sorry for the delay

Kore S

Kat W

Paula E

Konstantina G

I am praying for a miracle this week (not your parcels silly, other life stuff) you all have to send me your lucky vibes!

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  1. Rhamnousia says

    I haven’t paid yet because my paypal is being a bit funny, it won’t let me pay you which is odd. It should be sorted by the end of the week because paypal said they’re working on it..sorry if this has caused you any problems.


  2. says

    The mug shot of the cat is priceless… in my old start-up office (read: second bedroom), the cat (a male although much more of a dandy than I think your renegade cat is) would gingerly walk across our keyboards and make a nest on the warmest one whenever we weren’t looking.

  3. Ria says

    Hi hugs sweetie i have 5 cats (all kinda by accident) they all needed a home but i hop im not a typical mad cat women love you cat!
    Hope life goes well for you really find your blog informing and amsuing (in a good way)
    Ria xxx

    • Row says

      Hi Ria

      Me toooooo all mine are also all “accident” cats but once u have them u cant give them away! x

  4. Li says

    Do you know if Amazon uses Royal Mail? I bloody hope not, I have a chest infection and just ordered some books! BAAAAAH!