Caring and Customisable! Teosyal Covering Repair Concealer Kit Review

Teosyal is a Cosmeceutical range made in Switzerland – the range is great for sensitive skin and skin that’s recently undergone surgery and can’t use regular make up.

I am a sucker for concealer, so I have their 4 shade covering repair which is a tinted covering treatment with hyaluronic acid. It’s recommended for redness, dark spots, under eye circles and also for post wrinkle injection treatment.


The 4 shades reminds me of the Lise Waiter portfolio concealer! Sometimes these multi shade concealers take more work than one shade ones but at least you can get exactly the right colour.


I don’t mind the packaging, it really suits the kind of product it is (for people who have had medical treatments).


There are 4 shades a pale pink based beige, a yellow based beige, a darker salmon type shade. I mixed 2 and 4 for a face concealer and 3 for my under eye concealer.


The texture of this is thinner than I expected. I thought it would be quite thick and dry but it’s not – it has a oiliness to it which makes it provide medium coverage.

I tested this concealer under my eyes on the red and dark skin. Although it looks quite thin on I had to say this worked really very well – the coverage was just right – not too heavy or too thin.

It also feels very comfortable on the skin (not drying) and sits quite invisibly on the surface:




It’s difficult to pick a concealer – there are so many out there and it’s really down to personal choice. I think this is a fab concealer though if you want something that feels light and hydrating on the skin, but covers up circles and redness nicely.

This costs £28.99 from Dermacare (also sold on other online stores).

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  1. Jen says

    This concelaer reminds me of one from another brand…can;t quite put my finger on it, I think it’s Face Stockholm? Anywhos, it looks pretty good, nice and creamy

    • says

      Hello, I use it and it works to perfection so I want to know the cost in dollars and where I can buy in Tucson Arizona and stores handle it for sale thanks hope reply soon as my makeup concealer finished Apor est thanks. Note lasts two months using it every day.