Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action Mascara Review

Now that I’ve started to see some good lash growth using Mylash and and Trish McEvoy’s lash enhancing liquid liner, I have also been using this Cargo Lash Activator Triple Action Mascara too = A triple threat, like Andrew Stone (if you don’t know who he is…well, it’s better this way).


Back to the mascara! They say:

Visible results on first application and long-term results: Lashes looked longer, thicker and more curled after 28 days*.

This mascara combines the latest technology in pigments and curling polymers with a special brush that separates, elongates, stretches and curls the lashes. Loaded with anti-oxidants and 11 amino acids essential for the health of hair follicles, this mascara makes your lashes look and feel great.

*Results obtained from a daily application in a 20 subjects scientific test.

Hmm….So this mascara isn’t supposed to make your lashes GROW, but it CAN enhance the quality of your lashes. We’ll see about that!

The brush is huge and spiky. I didn’t struggle too much with it but I would’ve preferred a smaller brush:


The texture of the mascara is dry – I prefer dry ones because my lashes are more likely to stay curled. The wetter a mascara it is, the more my lashes droop. This mascara is dry textured…like one month old mascara and there’s also giant globs of it – you really need to wipe the brush beforehand.


Despite this I have to say – NOT BAD! (excuse the heavy liner, that is for another review). It kept my curl up BUT during the day it did start to flop. It added decent volume and decent length although neither was extraordinary.

Also I do think the condition of my lashes seemed better in that very few seemed to fall out (I usually lose a good 4-5 lashes a night). With this I was losing 1-2.

I think they were just a bit softer too. I can’t say it did much else like made them grow but I did like the condition of my lashes.



This mascara is £25 which is WAY overpriced. Hello!? Even YSL doesn’t cost that much. I think it did help the condition of my lashes but I don’t know if that’s enough to justify the price. Also the texture is dry and I can’t imagine how long it will last if it starts off a bit lumpy.

But I did actually like it. Just pointing out the negatives :)

I believe that this mascara is sold exclusively in Boots .

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  1. Jen says

    lol at the reference to Andrew Stone 😀 The results from this mascara look quite good, but yeah, like you said, I’m not sure if I’d be willing to part with £25 for an already drying out mascara :/