Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyes Cream Eyeshadow Review

One of Canmake’s newest releases is the Shimmer Jelly Eyes – this is a milky gel (not quite a cream or a gel or a – er – milk) eyeshadow but somewhere inbetween. An amalgamation.

This product is waterproof and sweat proof. Its supposed to set and last all day with no creasing.



I picked three colours out – 02 Sugar Milk Tea (beige) 04 Frozen Melon (green) and 05 Caramel Chocolate (a golden brown with gold bits).

They come in a pretty case with sponge applicators.

Canmake Jelly Eyes cream eyeshadow.jpg

I have quite a lot of cream eyeshadows in this kind of texture- its quite popular with Japanese brands. This eyeshadow can be applied sheer or layered for a more pigmented result.

Here, for example I have just applied a thicker layer here:

Canmake Jelly Eyes Cream Eyeshadow-1.jpg

This cream eyeshadow isn’t overly sparkly and when it sets it does pretty much stay in place. It takes a few moments to set so you can blend it for a while.

Overall – these jelly eyes are quite cute but they aren’t my favourite. I expected something a bit more – either in the finish or the colour. I think these are good basics but thats about it.

Canmake Shimmer Jelly Eyeshadow Cream.jpg

Having said that, being waterproof means these are a good choice for the summer if you want a light, easy look.

See Canmake here!

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