Canmake Jewelstar Eyes Shimmery Cream Eyeshadow Review

I have had my eyes on these Canmake Eyeshadows for a while, but they were a little bit overpriced at the store I saw them on. In reality Canmake is an inexpensive brand so a lovely reader helped me purchase this (and all my other Canmake items!)

The Jewelstar Eyes gives a wet look shimmery effect – the particles are ‘lame’ and therefore shouldn’t shed.

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes Cream Eyeshadow.jpg

They say:

– The soft, gel-like texture dries the second you apply it.

– Long-lasting sparkle that will look just as good on your eyes as it does in the packaging.

– Vibrant colors that give a finish that you will love, even when using them on their own.

I chose four colours to test.

No. 1 Crystal Silver – a white silver with a sparkle:

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes cream eyeshadow-1.jpg

My first thought of these shadows is that they are like a light-cream gel. They go on quite easily but look sheer – I can see that they do give a very wet look effect though.

No. 2 – Zircon Blue – Sky blue with glitter:

Canmake Jewelstar eyes Eyeshadow blue.jpg

However, as with any product that gives your eye the ‘wet look’ it creases. Not horrible (unless you pile it on) but it will crease if you don’t put some eyeshadow on top.

No. 3 Lime Green – a spring green with silver pearl:

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes in Green Lime.jpg

In terms of pigment – its not bad. Not as sheer as I thought it would be, but not a pure pigment cream colour, like say, the MUFE Aqua Flash Palette..

Its wearable for most people anyway – it is very shimmery though so unless you are 18 and younger, you probably don’t want to apply it all over your lid.

No. 6 Pearl Brown – a rich brown, slightly warm chocolate:

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes Cream eyeshadow-2.jpg

I quite like the brown – it looks warm and I guess it is but its quite a wearable day to day shade. Its harder to say what you would do with the darker colours because I know it creases – the lighter ones can serve as a base, the dark…would also have to be a base if you wanted to extend its wear.


Canmake Jewelstar Eyes Jelly Eyeshadow.jpg


Fun product, practical – not really. Its not there to make eyeshadow last longer, it creases, the glitter is occasionally chunky.

Its cheap enough to be a throwaway fun product though – It perks up dull colours if you put it underneath too.

So its kinda recommended, if you are looking for a bit of colour fun :)

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  1. says

    Dude, I can help you in your quests for Japanese beauty products! Just let me know :)

    I actually love these shadows. I have about 4-5, and I actually featured the brown one in my giveaway (along w/ some other canmake goodies.) These don’t crease on me, but I suppose if you wanted to wear them alone you could just throw on a primer underneath them.

    And the Japanese actually like to use these all over the lid :) You should try the KATE gel shadows. They are similar to these, and I like them as well.