Can Western brands do Asian things? Schwarzkopf Shake It Up Colour Foam

The Western market has cottoned on to BB creams and foam dyes too – I am open minded to all of this but so far I have found the attempts poor versions of Asian releases.

When it comes to foam dyes, Clairol was an utter disaster – but John Frieda (note I have NOT used it but my mum and aunties have and think it’s excellent) is probably the best on the Western market at the moment (it is made by Kao).

This Schwarzkopf Shake It Up Colour Foam (soon to be released) caught my eye because…


It is JUST like Hoyu Beautylabo Milkshake dye. I wonder if Kao or Hoyu were involved at all.  Note, Palty’s newest generation of foam dye is also cup based, not pump based. This seems to be the future perhaps because if you have all the foam in a cup you can get to it easily (hands free) and there’s no product wastage.

However – the problem with foam dyes in a cup is that it’s harder to ration the dye and you risk slapping on too much in one go.

What do you think about Western brands taking beauty products and concepts that started off in Asia and reinterpreting it for a new market (I feel like I should be starting that sentence with ‘Compare and contrast…’



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  1. says

    I think it’s quite limited for western brands to do Asian things, in terms of implementations because it’s quite clear that there is quite a strict council on fda approved ingredients and what some of the effects of some ingredients might be. But I’m not sure on this. (I’m not related anyway to any chemical approval councils) I am purely speculating.

    And i don’t think they will ever have the cult following of ‘asian beauty brands’ especially for hair products because asian hair is quite strong and unlike makeup/skincare (BB creams) the markets for hair products are SO completely different in the east and west.

    That’s my two pence. :)

    • Row says

      Hi Yinnie

      Good point! Asian brands are still obscure to most of the general public. Also true about the ingredients thing…I find we get products in the UK you guys dont have in the US for example. I guess a lot of Asian products were made with asian skin and hair types in mind, as well as aspirations – something which still makes it different from the west x

  2. says

    I think western “translation” of Asian beauty is a great idea; I know a lot of people (not me, of course, I <3 my Missha BB) are wary about buying Asian beauty because of misconceptions about product safety. Then, of course, there's always the availability issue with Asian products, since some people don't have means or desire to buy online.

    Having said that, it seems western brands are falling short and ignoring a lot of what makes certain Asian products so desirable. I haven't seen one western BB that embraces the "all in one" aspect that most Asian brands do- it really seems like western brands are just repackaging the same old tinted moisturizers and calling them NEW!!! As if we wouldn't notice…

    • Row says

      Hi Jessica

      Thanks for your comment 😀 There’s definitely a difficulty with getting ingredients lists I am trying to source products at the moment where there are actual translations of ingredients – for example everything contains alcohol even when it says ‘Natural’! I’ve found that out the hard way. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes in the future…