Can we get a HG? Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara Review

Kiss Me’s Heroine Make is a terrific brand – they really do make some excellent products such as the liquid liner, lipgloss and of course mascara!

I am a big fan of the original Heroine Make Volume Mascara although it has it’s faults – such as being hard to remove and drying to a ‘crunchy’, overly firm finish.

Heroine Make’s newest mascara is called Impact Frame & Curl:


This mascara comes in a rather swish packet and is supposed to give you impact (volume and length) as well as curl hold. Heroine Make mascara holds curl exceptionally well usually.

Here is the tube – a simple black one (rather than the classic burgundy) with some gold lettering:


The brush is unusual but actually quite brilliant to use – it’s got one comb side which you use for the initial application, the spiky brush side to build up length and to comb through then the tip can be used on the bottom lashes.

The brush is bigger than the original one – not too huge but ladies with very short lashes may struggle a bit with this.


The mascara texture is brilliant – rich, very black, and creamy. It takes just one coat to give a lot of volume although I feel like one coat leaves it looking ‘bitty’, so 2 layers is best to smooth this out.

It also stays put really well as most Japanese mascaras do, withstanding tears and even a shower although this isn’t specifically waterproof.

How it looks – Before:




The result is dramatic!

For me, this mascara is a brilliant one and addresses the issues I had with the Volume mascara.

No. 1: It doesn’t dry hard at all, it’s actually quite soft to touch which is amazing considering the way it holds curl (I find all truly curl holding mascaras a little crispy).

No. 2: It is much easier to remove than the old version. You will still need an oil based eye make up remover but it didn’t take more than 2 pads to take off.

No. 3: I experienced flaking with the original version and I didn’t with this one.

I also didn’t have any eye problems with this despite it having fibers.

The only downsides I see are that the brush may be too big for girls with teeny lashes and the bittiness you can get if you don’t give your lashes a second coat and/or a good brush through.

Verdict: This is 99% HG.

I paid about £10 for this from

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  1. Jen says

    Damn, I’ve just bought the MJ neo lash wing, or whatever it’s called, online and now I’ve read your review on this KISS Me one! I really like the look you get from this one, and the fact that you say you don’t get much irritation from it, and also that it’s easier to remove than some other japanese mascaras. Gonna see how the MJ one pans out, otherwise the KISS Me one will be next in the online basket lol

  2. says

    Wow! Those are some seriously good results. Haha now I can’t wait till my mascara runs out so I can try this one!!

    • Row says

      Hi Lora

      This is the best mascara I have tried in a long long long time I bought somebackups! x

  3. Jen says

    my majolica majorca mascara arrived today (impressed at efficiency of fed-ex lol) but not had time to try play with it yet. This kiss me one is pending on my adambeauty virtual basket 😀