Cadbury’s complaints department replied!

So I was moaning the other day about the lack of fruit and nut in my fruit and not, and Cadbury’s sent me a letter!


It says:

Thank you for your recent poem. We did attempt to reply in the same manner – but unfortunately could not match your poetic prowess! (Oh, I’m disappointed, I wanted a poem stand off)

Cadbury’s products are < blah blah blah insert stuff about machinery >.

Anyway I got a £2.50 voucher. I know. Recession, perhaps? It’s not very…much. Not for the whole 10 minutes it took for me to write a poem – but as my mother says, “Its better than being mugged”, so thanks Cadburys!

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  1. says

    I love that saying, hehe. I have to remember that one.

    At least they got back to you at all. I’ve had companies just completely ignore me for legitimate concerns (like something I ordered never arriving). This post just made my craving for chocolate stronger, hehe.

  2. Mr PV Moodley says

    My name is MR PV Moodley. I purchased 6 x Cadbury Crunchies last month from a local Store in Port Shepstone. Think is was expired as all were stale. Please advise further.My contact number is 0826388740. Thank you.

  3. Bill Webster says

    Until recently I always enjoyed a Crunchie. But recently I’ve gone off them because the chocolate coating tastes different, with a bitter aftertaste. I read the other day that Cadbury are using cheaper ingredients for their chocolate in some products. If that’s the case with Crunchie please consider reverting to the previous mix, which made for a well-balanced taste sensation. The fact that the coating now appears thicker doesn’t compensate for a perceived downgrading in quality.