Bye Bye Yellow Teeth! Colgate Max White Toothpaste and Colgate Sonic Power Toothbrush Review

This is not exactly glam, but let’s face it, everyone brushes their teeth (I hope) and everyone wants lovely, clean, white gnashers.

Having said that I’m not a big fan of hardcore whitening. I will definitely give it a go, but I also think it hurts – hurts my gums, makes my teeth really sensistive.  I swear, in 40 years time there will be a whole generation of men and women walking around with super thin teeth and exposed nerves going ‘well….at least I had white teeth when I was 25.’….That or half of society will be toothless and the other half will have luminous white oversized slabs (or veneers if you like) for teeth. Imagination overload again.

I loved my deep clean at Smile Pod because it wasn’t over the top or damaging, it was just really refreshing without the use of chemicals.

Then I was sent the new Colgate Max White Toothpaste and Toothbrushes to review:

Colgate Max White Toothbrush

His and hers! Mr C claims neglect because I usually use a £120 Oral-B Triumph brush and he has a £9.99 one.  Mine oscillates, his vibrates.

The Colgate Max White toothbrush vibrates at the press of a button.

I personally think this toothbrush is a bit rough. I know, I know, I am the one controlling the brush, but there’s something about the head which I found quite abrasive and my gums were sore afterwards.

Mr C also concurs that he found the head too big and abrasive – he stopped using it before I did. However, we both agree they are great to take away when we can’t be bothered lugging around our (well my) big posh toothbrush..

The toothpaste claims…

Colgate MaxWhite One gets your teeth one shade whiter in just one week.

It’s unique formula with white accelerator micro-crystals contains ingredients similar to those used by dentists.

To be honest, the whole, whiten up in a short period of time is nothing new – Pearl Drops, Blanx etc. etc (I am no toothpaste expert).  One shade up in one week is tempting though:

Colage Max White One Week Toothpaste

I was going to do a before and after but seriously, a picture of my teeth is not what I want to show right now but here is what we think…

The toothpaste is a translucent blue gel with smaller deep blue particles (I imagine the scrubby bits) in it.  It’s minty, it’s nice to use and foams up but not too much.

In terms of results – I think it left my teeth feeling super clean, a bit brighter, fresh for quite a while too.  Whitened by a shade – I don’t know, I don’t think the results were that dramatic.

Mr C however, loves it – he definitely say it lightening by 1 shade and also felt it left his teeth really smooth and clean.


Mixed reviews, but I know Mr C will buy this toothpaste in the future.  I like it too, although I think I will go back to my Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief .


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  1. Jane says

    I have to agree! The toothpaste is lovely and minty, I think it definitely whitened my teeth (not by any means in a week, but hey ho! Time isn’t easy to judge!)

    Lovely post!

  2. liloo says

    umm, i dont know. why did mr C have to say he really liked it? now i need to find out how much it is cos i like the sound of it :/ haha xx
    this made me discover your smile pod blog post which excited me more.

  3. J says

    I had to laugh at the bit about Mr C claiming neglect 😀 How come you don’t each have a different brush head for the Triumph??

  4. Li says

    It’s good – cheaper in A**a than anywhere else last time I checked. Definitely worked and going to get it regularly when I move (had to hide it from my flatmate – my God I’m mean).

  5. says

    It is a good toothpaste for the UK market, available ‘off the shelf’ pretty much anywhere. However, the fact is only peroxide whitens your teeth, so what true effect it has remains to be seen (as it contains none).