Bye Bye Dark Circles! Benefit Powderflage Powder Concealer Set Review

I’m a bit slow with this product but still…Benefit’s Powderflage Powder Concealer – or should I say light reflecting powder caught my eye ages ago but by the time I was ready to buy, I couldn’t find it on counter anywhere!

The gal on Benefit told me she had “never heard of it before” – eh?!

Luckily I found it on ASOS. Apparently Powderflage is being discontinued but you will still find it on odd reputable sites and on eBay (but you may want to be very very careful).

Benefit Benefit Powderflage Powder Concealer Set at ASOS-1.jpg

Powderflage comes in this bit tube covered in army print. Its big and a bit silly but I have no problems with it although it did seem like a waste to throw it away.

Inside is shredded brown paper and a small brush for application and a little ball (what else can I call it?) filled with the powder!

Benefit Powderflage Powder Concealer Light Diffusing.jpg

The brush is very cute, quite small and made from – well I’m not sure what hair it is, it feels a bit like goat hair, its quite rough. Whilst its cute, I think there are some other brushes that will do a better job.

Benefit Powderflage Concealer Eye Light reflecting .jpg

The dome opens up by unscrewing to reveal the powder, which is a light pink:

Benefit Powderflage Concealer Eye light reflecting.jpg

Light Pink – is this the best light reflecting colour for everyone? Its certainly less harsh than white, and it does dust away into almost nothing so perhaps it can work on those with dark skin. Perhaps.

There is also a touch of shimmer to the powder. Once again, this is not too obvious.

Bare eye:

benefit under eye concealer primer powderflage.jpg

Applying with the brush – its hard not to make a bit of a mess here, because the brush isn’t the best at picking up the colour so you get a bit here and a bit there…

Benefit Powderflage Light Diffusing Concealer Powder.jpg


Benefit Powderflage Eye Concealer Primer .jpg

In all honesty I didn’t see a HUGE difference, just a slight difference, and perhaps thats a good thing.

There’s nothing worse than looking like a racoon after applying a load of light reflecting make up under the eye.

caprice racoon eyes.jpg

(I think I read a rumour once about how Caprice used to apply Touch Eclat all over her face. If that’s true what the hell would you have to use under your eyes as a highlight?! Chalk?)

Powderflage is surprisingly natural on the skin, and lifts the area a tad rather than overwhelming it with a chalky veil of powder. It also softened any lines slightly too.

From another angle:

Powderflage Under Eye Concealer Light Diffusing Make Up .jpg

I think Powderflage also added some lift around the wider eye area, where I applied it. It can also be used on the nose, or anywhere you want a highlight.


Benefit Powderflage Ingredients Concealer Powder Light reflecting.jpg

First ingredient, Talc. Hmmm.

Anyway, this is by no means a MUST HAVE product, and its not something I have time for day to day but its certainly quite a good product when I think about it because other under eye powders I have (Laura Mercier and Kevin Beauty Maker’s) are too white and stark to be natural whereas this one just blends away without any chalky residue.

If you can still find it and you really want an extra boost around the eye area, this may be the thing for you (on top of your concealer). Its about £18.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Cool review~ lol i like the tid-bit about the racoon eyes (THAT PIC! xD) but i havta say (not trying to be mean) but hun that mascara is not working for you :(

    • Row says

      Hi Anonymous – you don’t need to be anonymous when leaving a criticism, you know?!

      Its a combination of lash extensions and thick mascara. Hope you aren’t too disturbed :)

  2. Fruzsi says

    That mascara is terrible, please don’t use it that way…
    It’s not a combination of lash extensions, it’s a catastrophe….