But I only wanted Tweezers!

Popped into the shops today for some tweezers since my beloved Shu’s have gone AWOL. I got these little tweezerman ones for £12:

I had a quick look at the Bliss stall and decided some other items were in order.  I am not at all impressed with their lame online customer service so I thought it would be better to buy in person. I got Thinny Thin Chin – I got a double chin issue going on.

It says:

Quite possibly the most exciting thing to happen to your neck since you got your first hickey, this citrus-scented cream is a ‘neck’-cessity for anyone worried about jiggly jowls or a droopy dècolleté.

With a dual-action complex that instantly tightens, while firming, hydrating and improving the appearance of neck lines, crepiness and hyper-pigmentation over time. It’s like a liquid bra for your v-zone!

clinical studies show:
• 68.2% of testers reported a reduction in sagginess of the neck and décolleté areas
• 76.2% of testers felt that skin on the neck area was toned and supple
• 63.6% of testers reported a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles in the neck area*

*Results reported from an independent clinical study conducted over a 6 week period.

Yeah! Well I will use this every day to see what happens – sure fat reduction is the only true way to get a double chin.

A deodorant – its minty! I love the minty smell.

bliss underarmy

Our mint-powered roll-on gel anti-perspirant—now in a nifty new bottle—helps circumvent sneaky sweat stains and keeps underarms feeling fresh, exuding cool and downright dry-on-the-fly, even when it’s hotter than Hades.

• no residue on your favorite garments
• a lightweight, clear, gel formula
• minty properties for a cooling sensation
• your secret weapon to K.O. the B.O.

Still Upper Lip:

bliss spiff upper lip

Introducing spiff upper lip™, the only product engineered to address all of the physical factors that exemplify upper lip aging: vertical lip lines, man-worthy moustache hair, that sinister shadowy below-the-nose pigmentation and the slow, subtle, awful loss of collagen that leaves your previously pouty lips limping along. Formulated with a powerful retinol ‘patch’, GABA, and the most advanced pigment brightening complex we’ve ever come across.

I don’t smoke so I don’t have those horrid little lip wrinkles, but I have noticed discolouration around the lip area – since it says its a brightening complex I thought I’d give it a try.  You get a stingy 10ml for £35! It tingles when you apply.

It comes with a brush applicator.

I also needed a quick fix lip balm.

Putting our money where your mouth is!
Safeguard your smooch from sun damage. Loaded with moisture-binding mango and cocoa butters, seriously softening vitamin E, and broad-spectrum UV protection, it’ll turn anyone under the sun into a ‘smooth talker’.

Basically, I liked the oval shape, that’s why I got it!  I love pot balms but I hate to stick my finger into a pot – not very hygenic. This has a late vanilla scent.

I am on a skincare kick – I want to combine these treatment products with the Ettusais stuff which should be arriving next week!  I’m getting old – have to start looking after the skin, right!?!

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  1. Zereen says

    I went to Bliss in Selfridges as well. I love their triple oxygen mask and heard that they’d brought out an eye one. Think it was about £29 which I think is a bit expensve for a month’s supply of eye mask particularly as it’s only four applications!

  2. Row says

    Hey Zereen! It is very expensive isn’t it? I had a look online and the facial (oxygen) is £170!!!!!! No chance!