Burberry Complete Eye Palette Swatch & Review: Dark Spice 05

High end fashion brands and make up don’t always work. I mean what happened to Dolce & Gabbana after the initial excitement. What about Calvin Klein and the endless relaunches?  

Burberry cosmetics, from the bits and pieces I have tried, is veryyyy nice.  I recently tried one of their Complete Eye Palettes, which features four complementary shades:

Burberry complete eye palette

Top, L-R: 01 Smokey Grey, 02 Mocha, 03 Pale Nude

Bottom, L-R: Dark Spice 05, Plum Pink 06, Pink Taupe 07

Where is 04? I don’t know, and no amount of Googling is making it clearer. Either something will be unveiled or someone at Burberry had a brain fart. 

They say:

A quartet of densely pigmented, coordinating eye colours that enrich the skin and remain vibrant all day.

The formulation of each shadow has been customised to give a targeted texture for a specific use: luminising base highlighter, two medium colours to add shape, and an intense liner.

The skin protecting, glide-on formula is blended with satin smooth silicones and enriching conditioners.

The packaging:

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Swatch Review Dark Spice 05

The palette comes in a Burberry pattern pouch which opens up to reveal three applicators (brush, sponges) so is actually quite useful to keep.

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Swatch Review Dark Spice 05 1

I really like the gunmetal coloured packaging – it’s not too big and clunky, but it’s also very heavy and substantial, which I like with a premium branded product.  It opens easily and has a mirror inside the lid. I am glad that the packaging leaves no room for the applicators, and that that is instead held in the case.  

Looking at the images above, if I were buying blind I’d go for 01 Smokey Grey or 02 Mocha.  I was sent 05 Dark Spice to try which looks lovely but I wondered if it would be too warm. In fact – its’ gorgeous and wearable!

Burberry Complete Eye Palette Swatch Review Dark Spice 05 2

There’s a pale ochre shade – it does work as a highlight/base, I was concerned it would be too yellow but it’s find.  The mid brown is a warm chocolate and the darker brown has gold pearl shot through it. The black is a deep intense jet black which works well for lining. 

The texture of this palette is really lovely, so creamy and soft, and pigmented too. I like it more than Chanel quads that’s for sure and more than many of the high end palettes I have tried recently. 

I have used the colours on the eye look below- the lightest as a base, the next shade in the crease, the dark gold in the outer corner then black to line.

Burberry Complete eye palette


So lovely! I wouldn’t mind owning the plum palette or the smokey. I hope they bring out some brighter fun colours too although Burberry tends to stick to elegant neutral shades. We’ll see. 

You can buy the palettes here for £40.

What do you think of Burberry?


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  1. says

    Stunning palettes, for sure!!! Love the one you went for, that would have been my first choice as well!!! Then, 06, 01, etc…etc…! :p