Bums and Nipples: Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review

Baby H has been suffering from eczema so aside from a few things from the Dr, I have been trying different creams and ointments to see what works best for him.  So far in my experience, the simpler the better.  One of the creams I heard about which is supposed to be multi purpose and good for skin conditions, nipples and nappy rash is Kamillosan Ointment, made with Chamomile Extract:

Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review

As a breastfeeding mum, I can confirm that one can get errr….sore nipples although not so much once your body is used to it. Lanisoh for me was the best thing then, and I definitely prefer that formula to this Kamillosan because this one has to be washed off before feeding. But I digress…

In this pale yellow tube, and at around £4.50 for a 50g tube it’s decent value as the balm is so thick, you only need a bit.  It’s the same colour as a nappy rash cream I have which caused a few accidental applications, I can tell ya! 

Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review 2

The formula is very very thick and if you were using this for say dry skin patches, you would only need a small amount, plus it sits on the surface so you’d have to be careful not to apply it somewhere inappropriate…

It’s a light yellow balm which has the most unusual smell – I suppose it’s supposed to be like a fresh flower but to me there’s something in it I actually cannot stand.  I have tried it in smaller quantities but it’s such a strong odour that I can’t stand the smell at all! I definitely wouldn’t use it on my nipples as I can’t imagine it’s nice for a breastfeeding baby to smell, and I wouldn’t use it anywhere on Baby H other than his bum for a rash because the smell is unbearably weird. 

Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review 3

When it rubs in it looks matte, but it is still quite sticky:

Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review 4


Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review 1


I guess this must be a popular product with some people, I personally think there are better balms, better nipple creams, better nappy rash creams and what is with that weird smell?! So it’s a miss for me. 

They sell this in Boots for £4.19.

*Purchased by me

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