Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder

In my attempt to wash my hair less (I have to wash it everyday normally) I bought some Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder in Brown (£27) (red is pictured).

Yes it is extremely expensive. But does it work?

Like all dry shampoos, you need to hold it 10-20 inches away and spray it onto your hair or scalp.


Well, yes it works. It is quite good for creating a clean look, and its nice if you want to create a little poof in your hair, because it seems to stiffen it and give it more volume.


Its EXPENSIVE. Very EXPENSIVE for a can of powder.

Its awkward to use. Weird liquid drips out around the nozzle of the can, yuk, that you have to wipe off each time or the nozzle will get blocked.

If you get a coloured on like me (brown) it will get EVERYWHERE. It will stain your scalp, possibly your forehead and get in your hair too. I am not sure how much of a realistic use product this is – I mean could you really wear it on a hot sweaty day to the office? And have brown dripping down your face – that is NOT going to impress Pedro.


I don’t know. Its just not an essential item you know. I would actually use it for styling, but you absolutely musn’t run your fingers through your hair or anything dodgy like that. Is it really easier than washing the barnet? Only marginally. It certainly isn’t worth £27!

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  1. Katie says

    Try the Bb White hair powder. It is more translucent than white. Its great if you don’t like the colored powders and tends to be less messy. My can has lasted almost a year, so it’s totally worht it. I am hooked!

  2. Nic Nic says

    hey I found a cheaper alternative to dry hair shampoo, called Klorane :) It’s like £5. 27 is too much >_<

  3. MandyPandy says

    $54 for that thing?!?

    Actually, I used Lush’s Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. It’s amde with cornflour and kaolin and really gets in there and soaks up the grease.

  4. R says

    Hi nic nic

    I will have a look. i do have one called baptiste which was 99p but its white and i dont like the chalky look!

  5. lea says

    holly cow why so expensive?! Let me know if you want to buy a bunch of stuff on eBay in US $ and ship them to me. I’ll def ship your way no handling charge. That’s insane. I don’t think I’ll ever try it. I wasH my hair everyday, I can’t stand the greasy feeling!

  6. R says

    Hey lea!

    Im glad ive met a gal after my own heart! i do try but i’ve done it before and I cant stop feeling my scalp if its greasy :/

    Thanks for the offer too :) I’ll let cha know if I ever need anything. Its annoying cos sometimes theres stuff on ebay and the shipping is $2 in the US but $34 to the UK! I don’t charge my US buyers anywhere like that much!

  7. MandyPandy says

    If you like the feeling of clean hair/clean scalp, I suggest installing a shower filter. Sometimes hard water can deposit residue in your hair and on your scalp.

  8. Lea says

    No prob message me anytime. Oh and I did browse your site, I might buy a couple of things to try, just have to find time 9seriously, a gal needs to find time to shop?!)

    Yea my boyf’s mum everytime she comes here to US she will tell me, “Oh my hair is so manky, I need to wash it today”. I seriously do not understand how they do it. They saiy the more you wash, the more your scalp gets greasy because you stmulate the hair follicles. Say what you want, it’s my hair-my scalp and I’m washing it everyday =)