Bumble & Bumble Deluxe Sample Freebie Promotion with Boots!

From the 19th of January 2013, Bumble & Bumble (love that brand!) will be launching a Bb freebie promotion on Boots.com and participating Boots stores until the 3rd of Feb.  Customers will get 2 deluxe samples when purchasing ONE full size product. 

Samples includes the Thickening Spray (30ml), Straigh Blow Dry Balm (15ml) and Texture (15ml).  Each counter has a Bb stylist who offers free styling, product demos etc. 

Bumble and bumble launch Bb Freebie at Boots stores Inbox

I’m a big fan of Bumble & Bumble even if the products aren’t the cheapest, they work well without any crunchy finish.  2 free samples (fairly generous sizes!) seems like a good deal to me 😀 I recently reviewed the Sublime Softness Oil which is a super duper concentrated hair oil which I would recommend.

Bb at Boots is here. 

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