Build your own palette on Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown will now let you put your own palette together online with it’s stupid extremely realistic blocks of colour that represent ‘eyeshadows’ and ‘blushers’.

A month ago I would have dropped £100 for the Xmas Bobbi Brown palettes, but now, 30 days later I am glad I didn’t bother. I’m over it, dah-ling.  This is clearly the way forward – wait 30 days then ask yourself, do I still want it?

But let’s face it – most of the time we won’t have the patience.

I am trying to side step the make up a bit and buy some new shoes and this handbag instead:

Jimmy Choo Elsa

I saw it in person, it’s so beautiful (but big) in person.

Oh yeah, the Bobbi Brown palette. I choose a random shadow palette:

£66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice going there bobbi.  Having said that, most choose your shadow/buy a case systems are expensive.  A RMK shadow is £12 and a little single shadow case is £3, the metal cases vary from £6-£10.  A Shu Uemura shadow is £13 and a plastic case is about £8, the metal one was £13 last time I checked, although they can fit 16 shadows.

Wait a moment, £13 x £16 = £208!!!  I have like about 6 full Shu double sided palettes.  *Shudders*

Working on make up collection pictures soon and swatches although it will take some time since I am busy busy with work projects but it should be super cool once it’s done.
Friday tomorrow!! Rejoyce!

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  1. cargolover says

    The current exchange rate has put a dampener on my makeup hauling. I think it’s been 2 weeks since I bought any. And right now nothing seems to be appealing to me either!
    Can’t believe you managed to get the Suqqu at such a good price! I was lemming that one but the extortionate price on ichi totally put me off. Did you find your lost packages yet?My Dandelion is def. lost so the seller will probably have to send me another one.I’ve never ever had a lost package before!
    Oh and I saw you’re lemming a Jimmy Choo bag!Don’t you think Selfridges in Trafford looks so much better now they’ve changed it around abit?I was so happy at the new shoe section but couldn’t find anything I wanted =( Oh and the fact that I just found a Miu Miu bag that I want is probably another reason why I haven’t bought makeup recently =P

  2. Row says

    Hi Cargolover!

    Yep – me the same. I can’t deal with the exchange rate and paying by paypal means you are always being ripped off that little bit more. So I have cut down a lot and am taking a stand in that area. I don’t mind buying stuff that is already in the UK though! The SUQQU is amazing the second I saw it I bought it immediately.

    Ha, you know I was just stressing about my packages. Up untill this Oct, I have had one lost parcel my entire life. Not, I have 3. One box from Thailand missing, one case from Hong Kong, Missing, one Ichibankao parcel (recorded) MISSING!!!! and now a case I bought for my blackberry missing. I can’t believe it.

    Yes I had a mooch through the shoe section choose some I want for my bday – I love the Christian Louboutin BUT they only have each style in one size in stock. Rubbish! they had no size 7’s left in any style so I couldnt get any.

    I am cutting down on MU honest! I am DYING for the Choo bag! x