Brush and Oil: Ikemoto Cushion Hair Brush with Tsubaki Oil Review

I don’t own many brushes although I have recently acquired a very posh Shu Uemura brush (more on this later) and this cute handbag sized Ikemoto Cushion Hair Brush!

There’s a real trend with Japanese hair brushes where they will infuse the brush with a type of oil to add extra gloss and shine!  This Ikemoto brush contains Tsubaki (or camellia oil) which is supposed to be good for hair.

Tsubaki Oil Cushion Brush

This brush contains 1.2mk of tsubaki oil and is supposed to last a year! I think the oil is infused in the bristles (the rest of the brush is made of resin).

I bought some tsubaki oil a while ago and it was lovely on the hair – a bit like argan oil but less heavy and less smelly.

The idea of coating the hair with some every time you brush it is very tempting indeed!

I like this hair brush. It’s 15.5cm long so is perfect for the handbag, and it works quite well for the knots without too much pain. I don’t know about you, but like a 6 year old I still find hair brushing painful sometimes. Maybe I just have super knots.

The bristles are a bit pointy.  You can yank pretty hard with this and they don’t snap off (I think you’re picturing me pulling this through my hair quite violently now) and yes, I do think my hair looks quite shiny after using this brush! Less frizzy than with normal brushes.

Tsubaki Oil Cushion Brush

What a clever little idea! It would be genius if this brush had a area where you could refill the oil and it would last forever. Obviously you could keep the brush after the oil has apparently disappeared.

You could of course just apply the drop or two or camellia oil then brush your hair but where’s the fun in that?!

I bought this from eBay.

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    • Row says

      Hi Rainy

      Oh there are loads of brushes like this about! Check it out as they’ll be combs and other styles that might be more suitable for your hair type!

  1. Jen says

    So cool! You should patent the idea of a refillable hairbrush before someone starts manufacturing it 😀
    It’d kinda be like one of those refillable dish brushes that you can fill with washing-up liquid lol