Brow Talk: Threading at Superdrug and Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder Review

You can tell when I’ve been busy because my eyebrows start to look like this:

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I also happen to have lost my 4th pair of tweezers this year, and waxing tends to give me tiny little white spots so what’s a gal to do? I decided to get threaded and ASAP.  However…there are plenty of places these days that offer Threading but I’ve had good treatments and some really painful bad ones.  I wasn’t really willing to lose a chunk of skin like last time so I held back…then yesterday I was in Superdrug (Fort Park, Manchester) where I spied a threading ‘stand’.

I decided to go and check out the therapist first to see if they looked competent or not, and she did seem pretty on the ball (as if you can tell, right?) so I went to the til and paid a grand £5 and got seated up for a quick thread. 

In short; there was no cleansing of the skin before, no numbing etc.  There was no small talk or anything like that, it was very much too the point.  She trimmed my brows a little and I asked her for a clean up at the top and bottom and that is what she did, whilst Mother Candy looked on and kept shouting over to me that she could see the outline of my knickers in Chinese.  

The thread-ist (threader?) was very very good actually – it wasn’t too painful at all, even though my brow hairs were long, and she did a quick whip whip whip, top and bottom, it took around 5 minutes and after she brushed the hairs off my face and gave them a quick wipe. BEAMING RED.  However the redness subsided after 30 minutes. 

Hey – I have to say, I am EXTREMELY happy with the results – clean finish, pretty low on the pain and no swelling or bumps which I did absolutely get after threading a few times.  She’s great and I will definitely seek her out again.  

Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder

Sometimes I just can’t resist on splashing out on some Jill Stuart products – the packaging is gorgeous although the brand isn’t cheap.

Their new eyebrow powder caught my eye.  This comes in 3 colour choices (I chose the darkest, Olive Brown), and like many Japanese style brow powders, comes with 3 shades.  The idea is that you can use one shade for shading the nose contours, then one for the front of the brow and the darkest shade for the end of the brow for a graduated, more natural look.

Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder

I generally don’t do my eyebrows as they are quite dark and full, but I know that a bit of filling does make them look more polished.  This brow powder is sold as a ‘moist powder’ that spreads easily, and is resistant to sweat and long lasting. 

The cute case slides open to reveal a double ended brush and the front of the case is actually a mirror. 

Directions for use:
?Open up the folded double brush before use.
1. Take the onto the brush (thick) and apply to eyebrows.
2. Take the onto the brush (thick) and draw up to the inside of your eyebrows, over the top of the .
3. Take the onto the brush (fine) and draw it from the inside to the outside of your eyebrows.
* Wipe the brush clean using tissue paper etc. after use.

Jill stuart eyebrow powder

One of the reasons I paid £28 for this is because of the colour choice of ‘Olive Brown’ which is unusual.  I have found (weirdly enough) dark greyish khaki can look good and more natural of my type of dark brown brows – black is WAY to severe.  Sure enough this is a deep colour but doesn’t look drawn on or hideously HD. 

Can we talk about the brush? I LOVE it. It folds out to an open ended affair both sides are good too:

Jill Stuart Brow Powder

Here are the three shades. 

You can mix these as you like to adapt to your brow colour and I do use the lightest one to blend, but I like it very much as a nose shadow colour which is what the first shade is commonly used for:

Jill Stuart Brow Powder

The powder does indeed have this slightly moist character to is – for example, when you swipe it you feel it adhere to your skin as if a primer as been applied underneath – it has that ‘tacky’ quality without being tacky. It stayed in place nicely without smudging even though it is SO HOT AT THE MOMENT. Win!


It looks beautiful and actually, it is one of the best Japanese brow powders i have used for longevity and texture- it looks natural (altho I did go a bit heavy handed once!) and is a pleasure to use!  If you want a cheaper alternative, try Integrate or Lavshuca! 

*Purchased by me

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  1. says

    Very nice review! The colors are very good ones as well. I don’t do my eyebrows quite frequently because like yourself, mine are dark too, but sometimes you have to add a little “gusto” to it :)