Bridal Make Up Trial No. 3 at Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is probably the first make up brand that comes to mind when you think of Bridal beauty.  

The brand is known for it’s natural looks and also for the way it sort of makes woman look like themselves but better.  

I booked in for a Bridal Makeover with BB (free of charge) at House of Fraser and my MUA on the day was Shane. The whole trial took about an hour and 15 minutes (none of my trials have been quick to be honest!). In this instance I was very open minded and just whatever, really.  So he went for quite a matte neutral eye look and pink lips and cheeks. 

Bobbi Brown Make Over Bridal 1

Whilst i was there, there was another lady getting bridal make up done so let’s just say Bobbi is a very popular choice for brides!  

I took home: 

4 Sandy Gold Long Wear Cream Shadow, Blush in 17 Slopes, 4 Pan Empty Palette, Lipstick in 21 Pale Pink.

I also got 53 Navajo, 61 Saddle, 29 Cement (purchased at a later time).

The products – I like how pleasant Bobbi Brown products are! Totally useable for every day!

4 Sandy Gold Long Wear Cream Shadow Blush in 17 Slopes 4 Pan Empty Palette 53 Navajo 61 Saddle 29 Cement Lipstick in 21 Pale Pink

Eyeshadow Palette – these shades are all matte! You get a generous (or it looks generous anyway!) amount of product and for mattes these are really really really creamy and soft.  

Bobbi Brown Blush in 17 Slopes 4 Pan Empty Palette 53 Navajo 61 Saddle 29 Cement Lipstick in 21 Pale Pink

Slopes I wouldn’t have picked for myself but it’s so easy to wear – just a matte neutral toned pink.


Bobbi Brown Make Up Swatches Bridal Bobbi Brown Make Up Lip Stick Eyeshadow

The thing about getting a Bobbi Brown make over is that it’s quite a relaxing experience, and there are certain things you know they’ll get right like the base.  Is it thrilling to buy matte eyeshadows and a neutral lipstick? Not really, but I know I will get good use out of these!

Products used!


Cleansing Oil

Gel Cream

Eye Cream


Foundation Stick 3.5

Skin Foundation in 3.5

Eye Brightener in Bisque

Powder in Sunny Beige

Bronzer in Golden Light

Blush in Slopes


Lipstick in Pale Pink


Saddle Eyeshadow


Sandy Gold Long Wear Cream Shadow (as a base)

Sable on lower lid

Eyeliner in Black Ink Gel 

Mascara in No Smudge

Sorry for the rubbish iPhone picture. It was at the end of a long day with no natural light so I had to make do!

Bobbi Brown Bridal Make Over

What I liked:

The blusher and the lipstick is nice, Pale Pink is definitely the wedding lipstick for me, and the base too was very dewy and fresh – not as matte as on Illamasqua, not as glowy as on MAC so somewhere inbetween. I like the idea of using the skin foundation which is really natural then getting the stick foundation too, because this means I can use it to top up during the day and it has high coverage. 

Also, I would say 3.5 suits me now but I could even wear a 4 or 4.5 because I think I’ll get a light tan soon and also, I do prefer to look warmer rather than pale (which people do tend to stick me in pale bases because the middle of my face is lighter than my neck).

What I didn’t like:

I am not sure about the eye make up placement – for me personally the liner is too thick I would do it very thin on myself, and I would also place the contour shade lower on the eye – it changes the shape of my eyes when it’s placed higher with thick liner (like above). I didn’t mind too much as I wanted colour ideas more than anything. 


I liked this trial too – to be honest all 3 I’ve had have been enjoyable and I would recommend any of the counters. I didn’t find anyone pushy either which is a relief because I am sure that most people will feel obliged to buy something after the MUA has spent nearly 2 hours with you!

In my case I had to think about that I already have and what I can use over and over again and not just for one day!

I will make my final make up choices soon, I think I will stick to neutrals on the cheeks and lips, warm bronze on the eyes and a super flawless slightly dewy but non sweaty base. Phew! 

Now what I really need to conquer – how to apply fake lashes?!

What do you think of this bridal make up look?


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  1. N. says

    My fave is still MACs. The shape they did on your eyes doesn’t fit you. And also, I think you could wear a brown eyeliner and do it thickly. I do love the lips in this though.

  2. KT says

    I agree with the strange placement of eye colour. It looks so dated, like it was done in a rush. I think some MUA are not so used to doing MU for asian clients.
    Do drink lots of water to keep your skin glowing! Do you take any supplements or do anything special for your skin? Where I come from, women take some supplements like collagen, some even go for intravenous jab so they look really good for their big day.

  3. says

    I do love the lipstick on you! I agree about the contour shade being too high – it looks a bit weird and dark. Still, how fun!

  4. says

    yeah u cant have a thick eyeliner as a bride hehe and when we go teary, its not a good thing lol
    ooo fake lashies is a must! but choose those which is thin and as natural looking as possible
    u r beautiful!

    xoxo elle

  5. Shari says

    I like the eyes from MAC and the rest of the face from BB. I would mix and match and put those two together.

    Belated congratulations on your engagement! So exciting! :)

  6. says

    Like the look, fresh and flawless. Good for everyday make up look.
    Bobbi brown , MAC and Urban Decay are my favorite line it never fails me.

  7. Jen says

    The MAC look is still my fav out of the bunch, looks the freshest. I think this one would have been better if the eye makeup didn’t look so dated….better contouring, less shadow and some lush lashes would better complement you.
    Will you be tring RMK for a bridal trial? The lovely MUA at Trafford (think she was called Verna?) found the perfect base and lippy for my cousin’s wedding, after us traipsing round for a whole 2 days