Colour Changing Lip Gloss: Bourjois Rose Exclusif Review & Swatches

Let’s face it, there are tons of colour changing lip glosses about – the idea is not new, however because it’s Bourjois and in a very very cute tube that reminds me of a flower in bloom, I gave it a go.

Also it’s called Rose Exclusif – I believe we should change the spelling from Exclusive to Exclusif because it’s much more interesting to write.

How it works:

Because the PH of your lips is unique, this lipgloss enriched with PH reactive pigments that self-adjusts into a unique personalised pink. In less than a minute, the lips are dressed with a bespoke shade; from light to dark pink, it will be unique to your lips.


Most of these glosses begin life clear then change into some shade of pink. Rose Exclusif begins as a pretty pink in the tube.

This reminds me of a lipstick I owned when I was little, about 12 – Ultraglow or something, and they used to to come in mad colours like green and blue and would turn into a pretty sheer pink. I remember forcing my mum to buy me the green one (I was obedient like that). Loved it!

Anyway, back to the brush:


Without fail, these kind of products change my lips to a bright pink. Never anything intersting like, lime with peach micro sparkle. Bare lips:


With Rose Exclusif and some time for it to turn…here it is! My personalised lip shade!


Once again it’s a hot pink but I may add it’s a very pretty pink. The Smashbox O Glow, for example, turned my lips a hideously difficult lurid pink. This Bourjois offering is super pretty to wear – I would like to think that this shade is exclusif (hehe) to me…

This costs £6.99 on counters nationwide.

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  1. says

    I think bright pink is pretty much the default for these glosses, but I kind of like them anyway. Amusingly I just saw Rose Exclusif today and considered getting it. And I might, it looks lovely on you.

  2. mint says

    I really like your exclusif pink lips. haha
    I wonder if they sell it here yet and what shade it’ll be for me. ^^

  3. Phi says

    If it changes colour based on pH… does that mean if you drink something like orange juice it will change colour? *curious*