Bourjois Nail Polish Remover for Hands & Feet Review and a Comparison with Fast & Fruity!

Everyone made a big fuss when Bourjois released a ‘1 second nail polish remover’ in a pot, and whilst I was interested (I absolutely despite taking nail polish off and it’s one of the reasons I don’t constantly wear it) I wasn’t completely tempted as £6 is fairly steep for a sponge in a pot. 

Bourjois Nail Polish Remover for Hands Feet and a Comparison with Fast Fruity

Anyway, I spotted it in the ASOS beauty flash sale (30% off) so bought one to try. My version is the one of Hands and Feet – it has a sponge in the lid which you can use on the toes. Remember to tip to the container upside down to soak the pad if you are using it on your toenails. 

Now it’s worth noting that these sponge in pot type nail polish removers are nothing new (check out my 60p purchase, from Fast & Fruity), but the applicator in the lid is quite unique. So onwards with the review, let’s do pros and cons!


– The Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover absolutely does do a good job of removing nail polish. It does NOT take one second come on now – more like 5 seconds. If it’s glitter polish, more like 15 seconds. But nevertheless, it is QUICK and far less hassle than doing it pad by pad. 

– It’s less drying than it’s cheaper counterparts.  Fast and Fruity is pretty strong stuff and my nails always get that chalky appearance when I remove my nail like when you rub acetone on it.  The Bourjois leaves a bit of a slick on the nail which is not great, but it’s preferable to the super drying nature of the uber cheap makes. 

– It also smells less than cheaper makes (ie. less moaning from your husband and kids). 

– It’s easy.  There’s nothing difficult about sticking your finger in a pot and rubbing a bit to get polish off and that I like. I have been wearing polish much more since having this pot.


– It is expensive for what it is – it’s just nail polish remover at the end of the day but you are paying for laziness. 

– It doesn’t remove every single last trace in my opinion, because you can’t use the same elbow grease you would with a regular remover and a pad.  Some polishes and base coats are just tougher than others and need that manual scrub. 

– The sponge inside could be denser and longer lasting. I am up to 3 cleans and small pieces of purple sponge are now coming out already. Needless to say if I get only 5 uses out of this, then it makes it very poor value for money.  

– As with all sponge in pot removers, product starts to gather in there especially if you remove glitter polishes, it will start to come up with your finger after a clean.  But if you can’t remove glitter polishes in these pots, then what is the point?!

– Not completely convinced by the toe attachment, it soaks in the liquid and is not particularly fast or efficient. 

In comparison to my manky Fast & Fruity:

Bourjois Nail Polish Remover for Hands Feet and a Comparison with Fast Fruity 1

Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with removing nail polish the normal way but for a lazy girl, the Bourjois pot is a useful tool.  I think it is far less drying than the fast and fruity version, although that in itself at just 60p is not a bad little purchase for speedy removal. I hope the little bits of sponge don’t start to come apart in chunks too soon, as for £6 I’d expect to get more removals from it seeing as an average bottle of remover and pads come to around £3-£4 and last for ages.

Buy it here.

*Purchased by me. 

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