Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation Review

I generally quite like Bourjois foundations – matte mousse is decent and 10 Hour Sleep Effect is ok
if you have nice skin to begin with.

So I was interested to try Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation, their newest addition to the family.

This foundation perfectly evens out the complexion, minimizing pores’ appearance and concealing imperfections.

Enriched with chlorophyll from plants that brings oxygen and filters pollution, it leaves the skin pure and fresh.

Its formula melts onto the skin for a no mask effect.


This was a press sample, so I was sent Dark Bronze which is a good few shades too dark for me – so I am not rating this on colour match.

There’s a few things that stand out for me about this foundation – firstly, that it dries very quickly on the skin and that it leaves quite a fresh, almost ‘tight’ feeling on the skin…

This is the applicator – very old school, it’s just a stick you can use to dab the product on your face.

I quite like this! I prefer it over a open hole – so to speak, as I can control the amount I use.


The coverage is pretty high with this foundation, I did think that my pores were well concealed as was any redness in my cheeks.

It is a little bit tricky to blends as it dries quickly. I actually quite like this quality…I like foundation that sets so I can just get out the door, but the downside to this is that it can be drying.

This finish is kind of matte and I imagine this would be quite good for oilier skins. The thing is, I do love that fresh feeling the foundation leaves, and I prefer the semi matte finish over something too dewy but in reality, that type of foundation doesn’t suit my dry, flaky skin. It just doesn’t feel comfortable.

On my face:




As mentioned before, it is TOO dark for me, but credit to Bourjois for producing a decent range of shades for light and darker skins.


I am torn over this foundation. I am actually really fond of it because the finish is quite nice (but I’d have to get one in a shade that matches, but there’s no way I’m doing that whilst I still have 30 other foundations to finish!).

I think a lot of people will find it drying and difficult to blend so, if a chum asked me if I recommended this base I’d probably say only if you have oilier skin and you’re comfortable working with a quick drying base. Otherwise, I’d say Bourjois Healthy Mix is a good base for most skin types.

(This costs £11.99 and you can get it from anywhere they sell Bourjois – £11.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so expensive! I am sure compared to Nars or Chanel it’s cheap but anything over £10 means I want a pretty bag and a perfume sample as well).

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  1. says

    Is it just me or does the foundation make you look a bit yellowish? Because my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation does that to me, too. (Plus, even #51 is still a tad too dark for me. >.<)