Bounce bounce

I was a devotee to Aveda’s Be Curly but for some reason, in this weather it just doesn’t work.

I normally just wash and go. My hair just produces a nice loose wave as it is air dried.

Not anymore. It looks weighed down and greasy just hours after it has been washed. I couldn’t bring myself to buy another Aveda since it is £16 anyway so I needed a way to control the mop.

I think I have found a quick and easy combo.

Babyliss Pro Rebel Curler –

Paul Mitchell Round Trip –

Equals Beyonce! I mean big, bouncy, curls!

The Paul Mitchell product is £10 and works really well. No greasy residue, no heaviness, it really held curl.

The tong is great! I can’t tell you how many curlers I have that I am too lazy to use. Heated rollers (fab fab fab but takes a bit of time), Heated stick things (easy but takes 20 mins to heat up), Wigo Tongs (great, but I have a LOT of hair), GHD (has anyone actually mastered the art of curling with GHDs? Yes? Well you have too much time on your hands).

The Pro Rebel tong has no clampy thing. Good. I can’t use the clamp without getting a 90 degree angle.

I got the 19mm tong which has a larger barrel. It has heat settings from – get this – 1 – 28!!!! You get a use guide which suggests which heat setting to use.

All I did was grab large sections and twizzle my hair around it up to the cool tip. I held it for about 5 seconds (yes I am that impatient) and let go. The result was a big, loose but more defined than usual curl.

And it lasted all day! There is no pressure to do the whole head, its just for getting an overall bouncy effect.

Go get it! Its great!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    The curler looks pretty spiffy! Does it come with one of those ‘heat proof gloves’ to protect your hands?

  2. Row says

    Eh? What gloves! It comes with a mat..the tip is cool and you have to hold the other end there. Having said that i nearly died today cos Electra got on the bed and licked the tong whilst it was on – the tip thankfully otherwise we would have a kitten with no tongue…

  3. Becky@Glam-Beauty says

    hey how much are the tongs? and here can you buy them (UK wise)

    thanks in advance
    becky x

  4. R says

    Hi Becky

    They were £24.99 when I got them and you can buy them from HQ Hair and plenty of sellers on Ebay. I chose the wider barrel I think the smaller barrell is cheaper!