Online Sale Launched

As if to annoy every person who paid full price for their Christmas goods, like, yesterday, (UK) have launched their half price sale online.

Boots usually runs a very good 3 for 2 offer at Christmas and since I tend to study the catalogue I can spot a free in the ‘3’ for ‘2’ gift when I get one! (If you catch my drift).

Anyway – it’s still annoying to see something you paid £20 for be reduced £10 FIVE days before Christmas. However, things will not be delivered til after Christmas so I guess that is some consolation (Boots have an utterly rubbish delivery system that is rigid and at times like this, they have no express option whether your willing to pay for it or not. I’ve had nothing but bad – and I mean ABYSMAL experiences with their delivery company, Amtrak too.)

Enough of the moaning (actually there’s more to come) and more with the bargains!

This is a great time to stock up on gift sets – Ruby & Millie for example have some of their sets at half price. I’m not a fan of R & M so I didn’t bother buying any of it, but I did pick up the Bourjois set:

Half Price, £15 down to £7.50 – the mascara costs that much alone so that was a good bargain!

Some of my other finds, another Bourjois Set with the Chocolate Bronzer and Brush, £10 down to £5:

Rimmel Christmas 1 palette – there’s something aesthetically pleasing about the way the colours have been laid out in the palette and I don’t know why! £15 down to £7.50:

Umberto Gianni make the best Intensive Conditioner, EVER. It’s better than Aveda, Fedric Fekkai, Keratase, even better than Queen Helene. I’m not kidding. Anyway a few of his sets (full size) are on offer which is a good time to buy shampoo for the year!

The blow dry kit also includes a brush, from £15 down to £7.50:

Remember my you tube video of my cousin who loves make up? Bless her, it’s not that I have a problem with her sticking fingers in my La Prarie concealer but…well, I think this little toy set is a good starter for her just to play with, £10 down to £5 (I don’t know why I’m doing the math for you, it’s all half price right!?):

Don’t ask me why but I have always wanted a feather headband! I think I need a wedding to go to (actually I have one to go to next year, but can you wear a black headband in the summer?…) This was £6.

When I was browsing things were disappearing like a shot so I am pretty sure that by the end of today a lot of things would have gone so don’t delay!

Oh also what is annoying is that a lot of things are out of stock or are ‘coming soon’. Remember to select the ‘In Stock Only’ because it’s frustrating how many things aren’t actually even available to buy. Also the website can be a nightmare to navigate and there are a lot of things in the sale so the best way to search is just to search directly by typing in the brand name – you will get more choices that way.

Also check out the biscuits and chocolates which have been nicely reduced, and the Food Lovers range if you like cooking. I was so, so tempted by a pasta machine, reduced to a measly £9 – but I mean really, will I ever make fresh pasta dried pasta costs about 60p and take about an hour less time to make? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a pasta machine!

Happy Shopping here.!

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