Boots Time Delay Purifying Cleansing Balm

Boots, the biggest drugstore in the UK, runs some fantastic deals such as their advantage card scheme, where your points turn into cash! I have claimed numerous goodies with my advantage card; it’s not one of those where you need to spend thousands to get a packet of crisps, it is a very generous scheme (in exchange, my buying habit info!).

I have already got three Chanel Quads (Garden Party, Winter Nights and Vanities) free with my card!

Another offer Boots often runs is money of vouchers, normally of £5 value. For example, if you spend £5, you will get a £5 skincare voucher. There will be around 6 brands you can choose a product from; unless you are choosing from the Boots Time Delay range of No. 7 you will normally need to add a bit of credit. You can spend a lot of time in Boots, just working out the best deals…

So I got one of these vouchers the other day and decided to try Boots Time Delay range. I have sampled a few things from them before and it is an ok range, not something I would buy if I didn’t have a voucher though.

However, I have found a gem;

Boots Purifying Cleansing Balm:

It is in a similar vein to the Eve Lom Cleanser, and comes with muslin cloth for cleansing.

A 200ml tub of Eve costs £78, whereas the Boots Cleanser costs £8.50.

I haven’t tried the Eve Lom before, but I have felt the consistency, which is creamer than the Boots Cleanser. The Boots balm reminds me of Vaseline (texture wise) and has a soft comforting smell, and rubs nicely into the skin for a deep cleanse.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t not leave any oily residue. When used with a flannel and hotish water, it makes my skin feel very very clean and radiant.

Also I have not had a reaction to this cleanser even though it is quite heavy. if anything it feels comforting on the skin. The cloth itself if very flimsy and a flannel works much better. The jar is huge and I can tell it will last a longgg time, even if I use q good wedge each night.

This is an unusual cleanser; it feels like valseline but it really does work and makes the skin feel super clean! I highly recommend it, especially for days when you feel kinda grimy.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Oooohhh! The price is right, lol! Eve Lom’s prices strike me as highway robbery, so I really hope that I see this at Target or CVS in the near future. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

  2. Lea says

    Hey Rowena,

    I’m new to your site and I might just frequest your blog as it seems we have the same skin tone =). I’m looking fwd to pickin up some good color tips from you.

    My bf’s mum uses that Time Delay product. They came from England for a visit (I’m in Los Angeles) last month and we exchanged beauty regimens every night. I’ve been to Boots a few times before, it’s the CVS/Rite Aid version of US, good shop.

  3. Grayburn says

    This sounds like a great find. I’m in the difficult process of finding the right cleanser at the moment (you can read about it at my blog) and it is real difficult for some reason. We have only some Boots items here in Amsterdam but I’ll definitely pick this one up when I’m in the UK or US.


  4. Row says

    Hey Lea –

    I should do my beauty regime thing next – when you are in the UK next you could stock up on Boots! There are always so many freebies and offers on!