Boots Protect & Perfect ruins my Sunday

So THIS is why Sunday should be a day of rest – because boredom leads to spending and over eating.

In case you have never heard of Boots Protect and Perfect, a documentary called Horizon examined beauty products and whether they worked or not. They tried out a lot of creams and one the mentioned (well didn’t actually mention as that would be advertising), was Protect and Perfect from Boots No.7 which is a £17 serum.

Boots No.7 used to be a slightly higher end chemist brand, now because of all this who-ha they are charging more moderate prices for creams (around the £20 mark).

I was talking to a friend who is a cosmetic scientist and swears by Olay Regenerist. She said you really don’t need the La Mer, the Shiseido, the super duper expensive stuff, cos the Boots/Olay creams work just as effectively.

Well, who am I to argue? Also Boots as a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so I decided to indulge in the new Protect & Perfect Range, of a Day Cream, Night Cream and Serum, then Eye Cream courtesy of my Boots Points.

I also picked up their new foundation, but more on that later.

Oh – the range spokes model, a British Actress called Keely Hawes has a face I want to smack. I don’t know why cos I loved her in Dennis Potter’s Karaoke. I just think shes far too smug in the promos –

Anyway here’s the goods –

Day Cream has a SPF 15 and the Night Cream is richer.

New ‘sleep effect’ foundation and illuminating pen:

I noticed they have a new Radiance Foundation out with an in built brush. Like, I already a zillion foundations I have been dying to finish, but anything that has the world radiance in it, and makes life easier is good to me. Also I had been lemming the YSL Foundation which has a build in brush but that is £30, and the No.7 product is £13.25. I choose Almond, a medium tone (there were only 3 colour choices in my local Boots), and there was a freebie offer for an illuminating pen worth £12 (ok, ok, so that’s why I bought it.)

Will it be any good? Well, I shall for the first time in my life be religious with my skin routing instead of letting mascara crust off in the morning. I will use the entire range everyday for two weeks and see how and if my skin makes any improvement.

For cleansing, I’ll stick to Shu’s Oil and Nars Foaming Face wash, (double cleanse, baby) and Shu’s new Phyto Black Radiance Boosting Toner/lotion.

Phyto Black comes in a very posh black glass jar. What a waste of packaging. Still, this stuff is supposed to firm and illuminate (that word again)…

By the way if you have Aussie hair stuff, you have to get the Frizz and Colour Intensive conditioners. I use them on my mop everyday but they really make hair a lot more manageable and soft. Its 2 for £6 at the moment in Boots.

Will all this radience and illmunating I should resemble the moon.

So, I dropped £52 on Boots products today (hence, it ruined my Sunday).

The Boyf felt he must counteract this by buying Mario Kart for the Wii, and a 12 inch Subway sandwich, which stinks like crazy. What is it? The salad? The bread? I can identify a Subway Customer from five miles away.

(on a side note, why are men so unhelpful? I asked him to blow dry my hair whilst I blogged and did some research for some articles I am writing since we had ten mins to do this and go to my nan’s for dinner, and he manages to point the back of the dryer at my extremely long hair and ssccchhhhhtttuuukkkk – a wad of my hair was twisted into the hairdryer and had to be snipped off. And all he could say was, ‘I know the principles of how a fan works.’ If you are reading this, I’d check all your body parts tomorrow morning.)

In other News, I was tempted by Benefit’s THAT GAL Primer – the price? £19.50. The amount – 11ml. Yes, that’s correct. 11ml. That’s probably how much moisturiser I put on my face each day. Yes, I see its cleverly disguised in a long tube, but seriously! That price for that amount is simply abominable!

What disgusted you this Sunday?!?!…(apart from this post?)

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Argh! I think blogger either ate or posted my previous comment! I didn’t even get to finish it!

    Ah well. We start again.

    I hate Keeley Hawes and everything about her. The nicest thing I can say about is that she’s the poor man Keira Knightley. She’s so bland and fugly looking; I’m not sure how she’s managed to carve out a career.

    Ah, the Boots Card. Yet another reason to move to Limeyville. We don’t have anything remotely as nice here! :-(

    According to Musey, ‘That Gal’ really isn’t ‘that good’. Well, at least you didn’t give into temptation. I allowed Benefit’s Erase Paste to get the better of me and am rather sorry for it.

  2. Row says

    Hey Mandy –

    Ha! Another Keeley Hawes hater. I mean I did like her in the past but then the whole having an affair with the co-star thing then reinventing herself as a sex symbol…bad person to choose as a spokesperson imo.

    Boots Card is fab, but eveything else is sh*t.

    Phew! I was badly lemming That Gal but it is so expensive for a tiny tiny amount and since it a face product, I really think there has to be a fair amount!

    I ended up purchaseing so Giorgio Armarni Luminizer from Ebay for a a few pounds less from a respected seller so ner ner ner ner Benefit.

    Yes Erase Paste is another one of those things I want but really really shouldn’t purchase…

  3. yummy411 says

    wow great to hear a cosmetic scientist say that those creams are just as good as La Mer.. i knew it was a bunch of bull!